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  1. I switched health insurance. My new pharmacy benefit manager said that my old PBM has to send over my prescriptions -- they can't call to request them. I called my old PBM, and they said my new PBM has to call and request them - they can't just send them over.
  2. Stone

    NFL 2019

    when the quarterback attempts just 8 passes in the game, he should not be invited to the Superbowl. It would be hilarious if they bench him and just fill the backfield with halfbacks.
  3. Buckaroo Banzai and Professor Hikita wrote a book called "Future History."
  4. Stone

    NFL 2019

    It was nice to see Kirk Cousins win after all the shit he took in DC and when he first started in MN. That was a hell of a pass in OT and a great catch. Poor Saints. They just can't get on the right side of a pass interference call. Sadly, I think it's inevitable that this will be a Super Bowl that no one cares about. Minnesota v. Tennessee anyone?
  5. Two from Christmas/Hannukah: My first buche. Buche aux Marrons. Jaconde sponge rolled with chestnut creme mousseline and topped with a chestnut chantilly: Not a great pic, but it's the only one I have. For Christmas dinner with a bunch of friends from France. They were so concerned that my buche wouldn't be good enough that they bought two from Maison Kayser. The verdict was that mine was "hands down" better than mr. fancypants. I also made this Lisbon chocolate cake. I did a lousy job adding the scoring to the top, but I'll blame the three-year old trying to grab a hand
  6. Stone

    Little Women

    Fine. But as I noted, I found it jarring that anyone was speaking with an American accent. Made it all sound so uncultured.
  7. Anyone been to Villanelle on 12th Street? We went back in the spring and really like it. 4 Charles was pretty damn good.
  8. Sorry, yes, Disney. I thought Rogue One was one of the worst movies I've ever seen. Most of the Mandalorian was just filler. I read somewhere that each episode is an homage to some classic film. the Seven Samurai episode was pretty obvious, but I didn't catch the others.
  9. You shouldn't. The remaining Star Wars movies (I, II, III, VII, & VII -- I haven't seen IX yet) aren't worth the time or money. They're mediocre action movies and the only joy comes from nostalgia every time there's a good light saber fight. I wonder whether I would have enjoyed the original if I was an adult when it came out. I saw it again recently and it was whiny and annoying.
  10. Stone

    Little Women

    I never read the book. (Shocking, I know.) I really enjoyed the movie. Although it's odd to see a period piece where many of the actors have modern American accents. (Bob Odenkirk's lazy drawl?) Saorise Ronan has her usual energy and effervescent joy. I grew to enjoy Chalamet. I did find the whole production a bit too clean and pretty, but that might have been part of Gerwig's new presentation.
  11. Just finished the first season. This show sucks. Bad writing. Bad acting. Bad plots. But everyone seems to love it.
  12. I think next year I'll make 10 batches of the corn soofle and just skip everything else. People will be just as happy.
  13. (I assume there's already a thread for this, but I couldn't find it.) I went there Friday with a group of six adults and one beautiful toddler. Great room, great service as you'd expect. The food was fine. Perfectly good, but a fairly boring menu with the usual suspects: Pork chop, a white fish, monk fish, roast chicken, a bunch of pastas. I felt that we could have had this meal at dozens of places in the city. Some of the portions were quite small -- the duck breast was a half serving, and the two fish entrees were maybe 3-4 oz each. My pork chop was a decent size however. Th
  14. Stone

    NFL 2019

    I'm sure he'll be gone next year. Every season it's the same thing: "Disappointing season considering all the talent they have." yes, Lamar is fun to watch, but I fear he's going to learn the hard way why quarterbacks don't run like that.
  15. Chocolate Salted Caramel Praline: Hazelnut cookie dough, pecan praliné, chocolate salted caramel, and crushed pecan pralines. Peanut Butter: Peanut butter cookie, peanut praliné, dulce de leche and crushed peanut pralines. Double chocolate: Chocolate cookie with 70% dark chocolate chunks. Lemon-Thyme. That's it. Lemon cookie recipe and I added some fresh chopped thyme. However, I screwed up and added the egg after the flour, instead of before, I ended up with a soft, sticky batter instead of cookie dough. And it baked to those flat yellow discs, which I could market a muffi
  16. Stone

    Watchmen (HBO)

    Terrific. So far, it's as good as the first season of Legion. (I haven't read the graphic novel.) Regina King is terrific as always. Tim Blake Nelson and Jeremy Irons really steal the show.
  17. Stone

    Modern Love

    These are pretty good. A few were very good -- Milotti, Dev Patel, the Ozark woman. Didn't like Anne Hathaway.
  18. Stone

    Foie gras ban

    you don't say. Isn't animals getting chewed to death while still alive a fairly regular occurrence in the wild? When people tell me that hunting is cruel, I point out that natures way to kill deer was to have a pack of wolves jump on them, rip them apart and eat them while they're still alive. In the absence of wolves, it's either a Ford Bronco at high speed or starvation. A bullet in the heart is kind by comparison.
  19. Pureed butternut squash, ricotta, some espresso crystals, Pumpkin Spicetm. Pumpkin spice latte toast. You'll make a fortune. Substitute creme fraiche for the ricotta and plop a large cube of roasted squash on the top and you'll be on the cover of New York magazine.
  20. I know someone who once said, "I got to my desk at 10 am and didn't leave until, like, 5:30." I said, "that's called a job."
  21. What do you do with lemons when you only need the zest? I zested 10 last night, and I hate to throw them away. I figured at the very least I should juice them and freeze the juice. Can I confit them without the zest?
  22. Wilf - I went to cook at my cousin’s place. I brought my chefs knife and my knife sharpener. It’s a shame you can’t get your knives sharpened professionally any more.
  23. I was with Mitch at SMH. I liked it, but I wasn't expecting as much. I tend to find these "authentic" sichuan places a bit unsatisfying. and most of the menu involves stuff that I have no interest in eating. My favorite of the night was braised cabbage with pork. Good porky flavor with some fermented black beans and a hit of vinegar. And the pork wasn't too fatty. The ma po tofu was good, but a smallish portion. Not much different from what could be gotten elsewhere. The fried fish was good. It probably wasn't bass, as Mitch noted, and it wasn't very large. It was covered with a t
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