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Obviously I would have the elk at Buckhorn Exchange. I assumed that, as usual, I would start with testicles. But they have an expensive rattlesnake appetizer. I’ve had it before in Austin, and it was nice but a bit like rabbit (so a bit like chicken).

Maybe I could have both. Snake and balls combo would make sense for me.

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On 5/29/2024 at 10:33 PM, Wilfrid said:

…they have an expensive rattlesnake appetizer. I’ve had it before in Austin, and it was nice but a bit like rabbit (so a bit like chicken).

Ha, false memory. Looking at pinkpignyc, I actually had a rattlesnake-rabbit sausage, 40% snake. No wonder it was “a bit like rabbit.” Apparently I loved it.

Sunday evening it looks like Tower Tap & Grill (the conference is in a beautiful location but nowhere near downtown Denver). This place is a short walk from the hotel. My memory (for what it’s worth) tells me I had a side of green chili here last time. But what was my big plate? Maybe a burger and I left the bun?

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ESP HiFi is a cocktail bar in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. As the name implies, music is important here with two turntables behind the bar spinning vinyl (currently Bohannon).

I thought it might be a hipster spot, but no, it’s a pretty space with young, well-dressed couples drinking from a list strong on tequilas and Japanese whisky. I am drinking an unusual martini made with Roku gin.

It’s ten minutes walk from the Buckhorn which explains why I ended up here.

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Sadly no rattlesnake at the Buckhorn last night (I did ask), so the same meal I ate last time. A half portion of so-called oysters followed by some elk medallions. Even that half-portion is unfinishably large (if you want to eat the elk), and it’s followed by a large (included) salad.

I’ve mainly eaten lunch here before and hadn’t noticed how limited the beverage program is, especially for what is in large part a steakhouse. There is an unpriced vintage list, but it’s vintages of wines you don’t really want.

I finished with a Courvoisier, if you see what I mean.







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A tale. I was trying to figure out the first time I was here. I would need to check the year. I had a round trip ticket to redeem from airline that took 36 hours to fly me from Nashville to New York.

Denver had been on my bucket list for a while because of the Clyfford Still Museum. So that’s what I did. Stayed somewhere cheap downtown, drank in some dive bars, walked by countless downtown bail bond places because a storied green chili place was near the courts. Was under a tornado warning for the first time in my life.

And took the walk out to Buckhorn Exchange. I get back there every time I’m in Denver.

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An hour delay flying back, which is fine, it just puts you through an hour’s anxiety about whether that’s the real delay or the airline is fooling and you never get home.

At the airport I discovered a plastic-wrapped product called a Cheesewich, involving salami sandwiched between big (and appropriately non-greasy) slices of Jack cheese. Thank you, better for me than a muffin.

I did get home to Harlem.

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