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  1. it's going weirdly: we had a very rainy and grey second half of june/early july. we were also gone most of that time. the plants were suffering from too much water and not enough sun when we got back. they are even now generally all very under-developed relative to past years with more normal rain/sun balance. this week is the first of two with a lot of sun and heat and so i'm hoping things will bounce back. let's see--last year's garden was a dead loss (we were gone most of the summer and i'm not sure the person who was taking care of it had much time to pay attention to it) and it would be a bummer to have a second disappointing season in a row (though none of it would rise to the level of this thread, of course--does the new incarnation of the site have a gardening thread)?
  2. i've been posting, evelyn--i just hadn't been reading this thread.
  3. my first time reading this thread in more than a year. best wishes to all those dealing with difficulties, personal or to near and dear ones.
  4. hold the metal lid to the flame on your stove. do it before joe biden takes your gas stove away from you.
  5. you need to turn up the heat on your boiler. that tepid drizzle isn't going to get the job done.
  6. next you're going to tell me you don't have a sabre on hand to deal with the most recalcitrant lids.
  7. god, you people are weak. also, none of you know to hold the metal lid of a jar under very hot running water in the kitchen sink just long enough for the metal to expand a little?
  8. mongo


    there are so many people whose current whereabouts and doings i wonder about.
  9. has he published his long-threatened opus on indian food yet?
  10. or tax the rich a little more and make public transportation free for all.
  11. but the microwave cooks the fish as it thaws it. don't get in the way of progress, i mean david chang's bank account.
  12. mongo


    to think we got in on a friday evening with ease in 2019 before all the recognition.
  13. mongo

    nyc indian

    bombay bistro (in the west village) doesn't deserve a thread of its own so i'm sticking the link to my review of dinner there in may in this newly created catch-all thread. i was in ny/nj for a hit and run trip and for complicated reasons ended up at this place i'd never heard of before for dinner with an old friend. the menu is ye olde curry house classics but the food was not bad. it was packed on a tuesday evening.
  14. sorry to miss it! my timing was off by just 3.5 weeks.
  15. does wilfrid know how to drive?
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