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Three of us did lunch at Relish today. Not a bad burger at all, but definitely didn't 'end my search for the perfect burger.' The most disappointing part of the meal were undercooked tots and fries, almost redeemed by dipping in a chipotle remoulade. Onion rings were very good. In terms of the burger, I thought the beef was underseasoned and I probably overwhelmed it by choosing too many toppings. Great Macrina buns.

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Apparently on the other board, this topic has "run its course..."   Uh, yeah....

Gotta agree with Cam...It WAS expensive. Anita got the Stadium burger. Yup. 'twas big.   Yup. Did the Wagyu upgrade.   Yup. Was about as expensive as the Burger at the Palace Kitchen .   Yee

BOM was the third time I have tried the burger at Relish and was actually the best of the three times, despite the fact that I (knowingly) made the mistake of ordering the "Pike Place* Signature Burger." There was just too much on there, silly onion rings...But, as Tighe says above, yes, it's just all right. Underseasoned beef, and overwhelming toppings.


The onion rings, I'd go back for, so there's that.


Anyone interested in pictures, including their precious mini fry baskets for the sides, I've uploaded them here: http://www.flickr.com//search/show/?q=BOM_Relish_Mar13&m=tags&w=38677956%40N00


Who and what's next? ;)

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And then there is this list:



Taking Dick's and the People's Burger (truck) off those two lists, it looks like we haven't been to:

La Bête

Slim's Last Chance


Joule or Revel



And a couple other places mentioned up thread that we haven't tried are Naked City Brewing and RN74.


I'm up for any of the above.


Palace Kitchen- Anita
The Maple Leaf Grill- Jan
Jaks- Rocky
Bad Alberts- Reese
Sterling Café- Reese
Collins Pub- Tighe
Hi Life- FaiJai
Sport- Wendy
35th Street Bistro – Eden
Blue Moon - Margaret
Market Street Grill in Ballard- Lauren
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse downtown- Leslie
Fred's Riverton Alehouse in Snohomish- Fred & Ed
Earth & Ocean - Little Ms Foodie
Palace Kitchen, round 2 - Fai Jay
Asada - White Lotus
Cascadia - hhlodesign
Feenie's - Ling
Moxie - Gourmetlight$
Two Bells - Barry
Deluxe - Allyson
Brasa - Sparrowsfall
22 Doors - Allyson
Elliott Bay Brewing - Tighe
Farestart - Dandelion
Stell's - Eden
Leny's - rockdoggydog
Home Cooked - Lauren
King's Hardware - SeaGal
Zayda Buddy's - Malarkey
Jolly Roger - Little Ms Foodie
Buckley's on Queen Ann - Leslie
Lunchbox Labratory - GourmetLight$
Metropolitan Grill - FayJai
Quinn's - Lauren
BOKA - heyjude
Skillet - croseattle
10 Mercer – Eden
Pig N Whistle – Rocky
Latona Pub - Sally Simpleton
Whalemaker Bar at Ivar’s – Sparrowsfall
Spur - Allyson
Zippy's - Tighe
Springhill - da Goose
Shadowland - Rocky
Frank's Oyster House and Champagne Parlor - Jan (SeaGal)
Smith - Croseattle
Table 219 - da goose
June - Sally Simpleton
Maggie Bluffs - Leslie
Luc - Eden
Wedgwood Broiler - Lauren
5 Corner Market - Jan
Toulouse Petit - Allyson
Local 360 – da Goose
Tavern Law – sparrowsfall
Uneeda – Allyson
Mulleady’s – Lauren
Roosevelt Ale House – SeaGal
Bastille – SeaGal
Marjorie – Allyson
Lil’ Woody’s – da goose
Katsu Burger - croseattle
Golden Beetle – Eden

The Burgundian – Lauren

Loretta’s – Fay Jai

8 oz Burger – Eden

Copperleaf – tighe

Burgermaster – da goose

Sam’s Tavern – Lauren

Relish – tighe

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I can do the 7th, 13th, 20th, and 22nd, but with eden out mondays, it looks like that leaves the 7th and 22nd. And really I leave on a red-eye the 22nd, so um, maybe would be stressful.


So how do people feel about the 7th?

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I can do the 7th if we do it later, like 7:00?

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