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Is anyone up for grabbing a burger at Giddy Up in the next week or two? Either lunch or dinner works for me.


I'm out of town until the 17th, but if it goes that long, I'm open any day for lunch, and good for dinner most nights, though on Tues need to be early (done by about 8) and on Weds need to be late (not start until about 7:45).

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Apparently on the other board, this topic has "run its course..."   Uh, yeah....

Gotta agree with Cam...It WAS expensive. Anita got the Stadium burger. Yup. 'twas big.   Yup. Did the Wagyu upgrade.   Yup. Was about as expensive as the Burger at the Palace Kitchen .   Yee

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Not a lot to say this time - Giddyup Burgers wasn't bad, but it was underwhelming and the price was high for underwhelming. They did have the best prefabbed (I asked) sweet potato fries I've yet encountered though, and the regular fries were quite good.

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I ordered the Stuffed Pig burger which was supposed to be stuffed with bacon as well as having bacon on the burger. I was half way through the burger when I remembered there was supposed to be bacon stuffed in it. If there was any, it was not noticeable at all. They charge $2 extra for the "house bun" which they told me is just like the regular bun but without the sesame seeds for those who are allergic. I opted to not pay the extra but got it anyway. It was a fine bun but not worth an up charge. The burger was medium well (they didn't ask for a cooking preference) and too small for the size of the bun. I'm glad I asked what their Awesome Sauce was because it's curry mayo and it would have been a bit of a shock to have curry flavor when I wasn't expecting it (I subbed for regular mayo). Like Eden said, the fries were good. My burger and fries were $12.20 before tax and tip. It would have been $14.20 if they had charged me for the house bun.


I don't feel the need to go back.

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Lauren and I shared the 410 Burger at ElGaucho last night, and it was quite good - perfectly cooked tender and beefy. the duck fat fries were perfection, creamy inside, crispy outside. Well worth a visit!

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