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  1. I don't see any violations on this thread, but the admins obviously disagree, or at least feel that some of Jason's posts came close to violations. Maybe the admins who posted about G3 and the user agreement could explain how any of his posts violated, or came close to violating, the guidelines or the user agreement?
  2. Fine by me. I guess I started in NY originally because I was trying to duplicate a Momofuku dish. But yes it should be in vegetables.
  3. I started to do it, but I didn't like anything on any of the pages.
  4. The best Jennifer Warnes recording is this one, although it's the damn movie soundtrack so there's dialogue over it. 3qilQ_gfm3w
  5. Me and my peeps, we don't do that kinda thing.
  6. Iceberg wedges with blue cheese dressing Linguine with shrimp, feta, and fresh tomatoes
  7. But wait. But never ever on a Sunday a Sunday a Sunday cause that's my day of rest!
  8. At the North Fork Table this weekend (firmly confirming its place in my heart and mouth) we had a white sweet corn soup with truffled polenta agnolotti which was so extraordinary I almost asked for seconds. I am determined to cook something with corn (local upstate) this coming weekend that somehow involves a bit of truffle essence.
  9. I like the lowly bluefish. Plus herring, shellfish, smoked fish, and raw fish.
  10. Please come to Boston For the springtime I'm stayin' here with some friends And they've got lots of room You can sell your paintings on the sidewalk By a cafe where I hope to be workin' soon Please come to Boston She said no, boy you come home to me [Chorus:] (And) She said, hey ramblin' boy Why don't you settle down (Boston, Denver, L.A.) ain't your kind of town There ain't no gold And there ain't nobody like me I'm the number one fan Of the man from Tennessee Please come to Denver To see the snowfall We'll move up into the mountains So far we can't
  11. There are several of these types of things in Renssalaer - if you have an animal, the truck will show up and do the slaughter, cleaning, butchering on the spot and leave you with a fully prepared animal, or transport it to a packing house.
  12. I think you might mean rich grownups.
  13. The whole song is just full of some of the best lines ever. Oh will you never let me be? Oh will you never set me free? The ties that bound us are still around us ThereĀ“s no escape that I can see And still those little things remain That bring me happiness or pain A cigarette that bares a lipstick's traces An airline ticket to romantic places And still my heart has wings These foolish things remind me of you. A tinkling piano in the next apartment Those stumblin'words That told you what my heart meant A fairground's painted swings These foolish things
  14. Zog nit keyn mol az du gayst dem letzten veg
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