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  1. Just back from a 10 guy golf trip to Pinehurst. One of my friends gets a hole in one on Saturday. His hotel key has a picture of the same hole he had his hole in one. No one else in our group had that picture on our keys. BTW, Pinehurst has 162 holes and 36 Par 3's.
  2. Maybe the wrong place for this as I already went but had an enjoyable dinner at Portale and an extraordinary dinner at Rosella. Man, I really missed good sushi over the last 16 months. The entire staff seemed to be in a good mood as it was Day 2 of no masks. Very chatty which was fine with me.
  3. 4 vacation trips planned (Pinehurst, SF and Wine Country, Lexington and New Orleans) and tickets for 5 concerts secured. (JRAD, Drive By Truckers, My Morning Jacket, Los Lobos and Jason Isbell) Making up for lost time.....
  4. Dartagnan is now selling seafood. https://www.dartagnan.com/buy/seafood/
  5. I got a new toy for my birthday which is awesome: https://store-us.meater.com/products/meater-plus Probe in the meat and the piece that sticks out of the meat logs the temp of the smoker. Bluetooth to my phone so I can see the smoker temp and meat temp on my phone at all times and I can set alarms to notify me of temp changes. It is a game-changer, especially for overnight cooks.
  6. Sorry if my comment came off as insulting, like when I call the Help Desk and I'm asked if my laptop is plugged in.
  7. Baffert's a cheater. My racing crew and I bought these t-shirts almost a year ago......https://barshoelife.com/shop/ols/products/baffert-juiced-tee-shirt
  8. For it to only get to that low temp makes me think the bottom vents may have been closed.
  9. This makes sense. And also depends what you are smoking. Id be fine smoking chicken or a rack of ribs on a Weber kettle. I think I'd struggle smoking a pork shoulder or a brisket or a plate of beef ribs on a kettle. And once I get the Bullet going I cook a lot on it because I feel I'm wasting space not using both racks. So if I'm cooking a shoulder on one rack I'll make chicken for the week on the other rack.
  10. Maybe get the Weber bullet which is of course great for smoking. You can use the bottom third of the bullet to potentially grill.
  11. I cooked a ton and enjoyed it over the last 14 months. I was out for just a handful of outdoor dinners during that time. Once we were fully vaxed we went out 3 nights in a row and loved every minute of our experience. Not once did I ever entertain the thought that I could have made any of what we ate or drank at home.
  12. If ever a species was designed to be a short order cook...... 8 pans going at the same time.
  13. So now you are hating on ducks? 😎
  14. I know a struggling farmer fairly well. He raises beef and pork and vegetables. His claim is that if done right, raising beef is not very high on the list of destroying the world. It is politicians that are being bought by big ag to maintain bad policies that are destroying the planet and our health. He says the only way it changes is to vote them out. Of course until the next crew is bought by big ag.
  15. Dumpstaphunk Where Do We Go From Here Funk/Rock that makes it impossible to sit while listening.
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