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  1. More Spring Pea ravioli with spring onion, pea shoots and now morels. Spring on a plate as they say. eta: no matter what I do, the morels remain a bit gritty. I first removed lose dirt, cut in half then swirled in a bowl of water, drained, dried on paper towel then cooked. How do you clean your morels?
  2. mitchells


    Even though I must have seen close to 40 bands perform over a week in New Orleans, I couldn't pass up the Drive By Truckers a few days after getting home. At the Bowery Ballroom and they didn't disappoint although they did start much later than I was hoping. A good mix of old and new and Hood and Cooley songs.
  3. Grilled halibut with mushroom strands I had never seen before picked up at the farmers market. Sautéed til crispy, sort of like mushroom flavored fried onions. With sautéed dandelion greens. It didn’t suck. Tonight, pea ravioli with pea shoots in a butter basil sauce.
  4. I think it's appropriate after the last few posts to share a video of the NO Klezmer All Stars. Sadly neither Bruce Springsteen nor Robert Glasper are in the group.
  5. mitchells


    Back from a week in New Orleans and so many great sets and singular moments. Anders Osborne tore up Tipitinas with 3 horn players and a Mike Dillon on percussion. After the first song, someone next to us looked at us and simply said, "I am so happy right now." A great Jazzfest kickoff. Friday:The Seratones, the first band on the big stage at Jazzfest with a truly inspirational set putting everyone in an even better mood. Super group Dragon Smoke with Ivan Neville, Eric Lindell and Galactic rhythm section, Stanton Moore and Rob Mercurio. Wu Tang Clan with the Soul Rebels turned int
  6. Osteria Lupo, a new Italian spot way up Magazine Street from the people behind excellent Spanish restaurant Costera. Open less than a month but firing on all cylinders. Literally everything we ate was very good with an extra star to the Arancini Balls with truffle. Of course there are also woodfired oysters served with very good grilled bread. We needed more bread for dipping. Another plus it is a short walk to Tipitinas from there. After Thursday night, only one more real restaurant meal over the next 5 days and that was at Herbsaint, our favorite place for a late lunch. They aren't b
  7. Day 1 in New Orleans off to a great start. First stop was a late afternoon snack at Le Chat Noir for their happy hour. $8 martinis and discounted oysters. Had a selection from Alabama and Florida. One type from Alabama were Murder Points. Very meaty and similar to Louisiana oysters. The ones from Florida were much smaller and brinier. Then a snack that only a city like New Orleans would serve. Deep fried olives stuffed with sausage. I could have eaten 100 of these. I'd hate to see the cook who had to stuff them as the olives were on the smaller side. Incredible bite of food. After a fre
  8. Watching bass legend George Porter Jr play with his band in a park in New Orleans after downing a dozen oysters.
  9. mitchells


    So Dave S is cooking at Foxface?
  10. I'll charge you 50% of what NY Magazine wants.
  11. Just in the past year or ever?
  12. I am most definitely having one of those the first Saturday in May,
  13. Yep, our favorite place in MA is Balagan in Northampton. Pretty good coffee shop next store with the same owners.
  14. In CT is is still all local stuff so prices are higher (100mg total, 5mg each are running $35-40) but they've started to come down a bit as more places are opening. In Las Vegas the same amount cost $20-25.
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