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  1. At the Silk Sonic show in Las Vegas, Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak actually sing an R&B kind of song about this. Of course there is no video.... We took your phones away, we took your phones away What happens in Las Vegas should stay in Las Vegas, that's why, that's why We took your bitch-ass phones away
  2. Is this because there is no fish or no fishermen?
  3. And Stoner Food has been around way before pot went mainstream. Just ask @joethefoodie 😄
  4. A guy sitting next to us at Bakery Bar in New Orleans ate this: TRASH FRIES the best way to get trashed with your friends! hand cut fries, garlic cheddar cheese, pork debris, grilled onions Then followed that up with this: DANGEROUSLY GRILLED CHEESE flaming hot cheeto buttered toast, smoked cheddar, pepperjack, buffalo ricotta, onion-bacon jam And he was not stoned.
  5. There are a few videos around including one on Pete's Facebook page.
  6. Only way I'd have that horse was if my name was Rich.🙂 I had 3 to Win and a 3-10 exacta and thought I won and then......
  7. I’m just back from 8 days in New Orleans followed by 3 days at the Kentucky Derby. If I didn’t get it over the last 2 weeks I’m never getting it.
  8. Finally, back in New Orleans for JazzFest for the 1st time since 2019 and we could not wait. Went a day earlier than usual and stayed 3 days longer to make up for lost time. The highlights: Right after checking in to our 1st of 3 hotels, we went to Lafayette Square with a blanket to see Tab Benoit. We almost didn’t recognize him as his hair is now past his shoulders but his sound is unmistakable. Louisiana swampy blues. Then to dinner at Jewel of the South which was new for us. Opened as a cocktail bar for famous bar man Chris Hannah, it is now a full scale restaurant and it shoul
  9. You don't want to know how many times playing golf, someone says "Make sure to get the ball over the hump." and the response is "What hump?" 😁
  10. mitchells


    ETA that dinner across the street at Malecon was very good. Chicken, pork, mofongo, rice, beans and plantains. $25 pp including a beer each.
  11. mitchells


    I'm also not so sure I'm into the idea of playing an album live note for note. Why not just listen to the album? With YHF, the material is quite hard to produce live note for note and I appreciate the feat. But from an experience standpoint, it sounds exactly like the album. No improv, no jams, no solos.
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    Wilco at the United Palace. First off, what a beautiful venue and unknown to everyone in my group prior to attending the show Saturday night. This was billed as Wilco doing their breakthrough album , Yankee Hotel Foxtrot in its entirety. This year is its 20th anniversary. A bit of controversy as opening night was Friday and after they played the album with took about 50 minutes, they played 3 more related songs and that was the end of that. 70 minutes in total. Social media went berserk that how could the band charge what it did and only play 70 minutes. We went Saturday night and the 1s
  13. Hey, The Who is touring this year in celebration of the 40th anniversary of their first Farewell Tour. 😁
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