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  1. I slept 13 1/2 hours beginning 10 hours after my 2nd shot. Hit me 18 hours after my shot. Felt like crap for 8 hours. Then felt fine.
  2. Mediterranean salad with assorted lettuces, pickled sumac onions, grilled eggplant and carrots, cherry tomatoes, merguez sausage and red quinoa with a harissa vinaigrette.
  3. mitchells


    I've been thinking about this (not too hard) and I've noticed a distinct difference in attitude between on-line retailers of food vs everything else. I've had only positive interactions with Dartagnan, Baldor, Browne and Debragga. Every person I have spoken with seemed genuinely nice and wanted to be helpful. And at Usinger's sausage where they may curiously ask you on the phone how you are going to cook the brats that are being sent. My wife has to deal with the others like Amazon, Target, etc. and I feel for her.
  4. Signed up for the Dartagnan Virtual Cassoulet War so decided to go slightly French. Grilled halibut with a parsley/sorrel sauce served over RG black lentils cooked with bacon and red wine. Asparagus on the side. Cassoulet war was fun with a great group of chefs arguing over the proper cassoulet ingredients and methods. It was great to see Andre Soltner again, now 89 years old and looking well in his chef's attire.
  5. Bacon mushroom wagyu cheeseburgers on Japanese brioche buns. With aioli and ketchup.
  6. PS, I am drinking what was canned 7 days ago.
  7. One of the more consistent breweries in CT is Back East in Bloomfield. They are best known fir their IPA: Ice Cream Man. Tastes like it could be a milk shake IPA but it isn’t. They are now making a DIPA called Double Scoop and it is delicious. Made with Citra and I have to say it goes great with a pint of McConnell’s Sweet Cream Caramel Brownie ice cream.
  8. Had leftover smoked Korean chuck flap in the fridge so went the congee style route with rice, garlic, ginger, mushrooms, pea shoots, avocado, egg, Thai basil, scallion, sesame oil, soy, crispy garlic and gochujang, Nice and hearty on a cold and rainy night.
  9. Homicide was one of my all time favorite shows......
  10. Been without a kitchen for a week or so having work done. Back at it this weekend and first real meal was breakfast/brunch Saturday for a small group. As I said previously, I thoroughly enjoyed the Ottolenghi Masterclass so basically recreated his brunch. Labneh with fruit, thyme, sumac and orange oil. Smoked marinated feta, yoghurt, granola, lots of good bread and then when everyone was suitably full, shakshuka. The marinated feta and labneh with fruit were the stars of the show. Beautiful to look at and flavor bombs.
  11. He was really good on Howard last week too.
  12. Just anecdotal but older people I know who were vaccinated (in 70's and 80's) had barely any reaction other than a sore arm and younger people I know (50's and 60's) have been really knocked out with fever and chills.
  13. I guess CT is ahead of the curve. They opened up for my age group yesterday. I went on-line at 12:01 am Sunday night and made an appointment for March 12. My wife did the same and booked hers a day later. Like getting a tough reservation at a restaurant (if we can even remember what that was like...).
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