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    Wagyu cheese burger with some sauteed mushrooms, horseradish aioli, ketchup and because it was late at night figured a fried egg wouldn't hurt. With leftover grilled zucchini with a dollop of carrot top pesto.
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    That's a lot of agretti!
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    Another spatchcocked grilled chicken, this time with some Dave Santos Piri Piri Sauce brushed on at the end. With grilled zucchini with thyme and oregano. Salad with the last of the red oak lettuce with radish and strawberries.
  4. We’re typically having 4 and no more than 6 including us and only close friends that we know have been safe. All of our dinners/lunches with friends have been outside. It has provided us a bit of sanity which we believe with minimal risk. So far so good.
  5. I went out last Wednesday for the first time since early August and it also was just not fun. Normally a buzzy place, it had no buzz with only 1/2 the number of tables and no one at the bar. $150 later my wife and I both said we're staying home for the foreseeable future. Having friends over Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sad.
  6. Here is a piece on how it is now more contagious than the virus in China/Asia: https://www.biospace.com/article/mutated-covid-19-viral-strain-in-us-and-europe-much-more-contagious/
  7. What about some of the recent material that supports the notion that the virus is now more contagious than it was before but less lethal?
  8. Kent Falls Delve. A hazy IPA made entirely with locally grown, malted and flaked grains from Thrall Family Malt, water from the well at Kent Falls' farm and fermented with Kveik (Norwegian farmhouse yeast) before being dry hopped with Amarillo and Ella. Awesome after an early round of golf......
  9. mitchells


    Large salad with nice greens, roasted baby turnips, roasted spring onions, pea sprouts, sunflower sprouts with a lemon, basil, balsamic dressing all topped with a couple of grilled quail.
  10. Working from home like everyone else. 😁
  11. Quick rundown of the products we liked/didn't like from home deliveries which we started mid-March: Dartagan: Love: Quail, poussin, lamb sirloin, duck breast, Green Circle Chicken, Merguez Sausage, Veal Flank Steak, Mushrooms, Porcelet rib rack Like: Milanese Pork Chops, Chorizo, Bacon, sausages other than Merguez, pork tenderloin Still in the freezer and not yet tried: lamb ribs, double cut heritage pork chops Service is always excellent. Well packed and always on time. Baldor: Love: Joyce Farms Chicken, Access to Murray's Cheese Items, Access to Pierless Fish items, CSA Boxes, Dufour Sausages, Esposito Sausages, North Country Bacon, Heirloom Eggs, Mushrooms, Ronnybrook Farms Yogurt Like: Most berries, most vegetables, large format olive oil, Service has been excellent. Occasionally they don't have an item and credit account quickly. Delivery men are courteous and efficient. Browne Trading: Love: Everything Also excellent customer service. Expensive but good for a special occasion. Sea to Table: Love: Nothing Like: Frozen Wild Salmon (Coho and Sockeye) One and done for us. Nothing bad but much prefer the fresh stuff from Pierless via Baldor and a weekly stop at our local fish store Debragga and Spitler: Love: Dry aged Prime rib steak, hanger steak. Best steaks I have ever had at home. Like: Dry aged porterhouse, whole chicken. Porterhouse would have been the best steak I ever had at home if I didn't already have the rib steak and hanger steak. Nothing quite like seeing the DeBragga truck coming up your driveway. Excellent service as well.
  12. I am so happy Aaron is drinking regularly again. πŸ‘
  13. Another Dartagnan delivery today so there will probably be something with maitake mushrooms tonight.....
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    Grilled Swordfish with Garlic Scape Pesto and grilled eggplant. Sunday was rice porridge with lots of ginger, scallion, mushrooms, shrimp and soft cooked egg. A few stray snap peas thrown in. Topped with cilantro, avocado and drizzle of spicy sesame oil which I am now addicted to. Cucumber sichuan style to start. Grilled shishito peppers with sambal for a snack.
  15. Fantastic Negrito I'm So Happy I Cry
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