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  1. This was fun. Nice drive on a beautiful day with the top down in the car. Blue Hill has a number of "Box" options including Pork, Beef, Lamb, Dairy, Garde Manger and a newer Deli box. All ordering is via Tock and you sign up for a pick up time. You check in at the gate just off Bedford Rd and when you drive by the back of the restaurant your boxes are on a table. The boxes are wonderfully packed with ice when needed. Based on a recommendation from a friend, we went for the Dairy and Garde Manger boxes. First the dairy: All of the prepared items are packed in nice small jars, tins or plastic containers. The dairy box included 1/2 dozen eggs, quail eggs, 1/2 gallon of milk, yoghurt, panna cotta, milk jam, 2 cheeses from jasper hill, butter, cream cheese, a pint of black raspberry ice cream, labneh, some other spreadable cheese, mozzarella curds, cured egg yolks, labneh and a log of chocoate chip cookie dough. All of this was $98 which I thought was great value. Everything we had was very good and we still have the cookie dough, some butter, some cheese and some milk still in the fridge. We also picked up the Garde Manger Box which is more of things to prepare for snacks or a lunch. Like a small lobster salad with kohlrabi wraps (enough for 6 small tacos. Tonnato sauce which was great on some crackers. The ingredients for a green gazpacho with herbs and olive oil marinade. Fennel sausage, already cooked. Grilled corn with herb butter seasoning. I think there was also a small loaf of bread, cooked berries (which was awesome with the panna cotta and other stuff I can't even remember. Also $98. They also give you a large two sided menu so to speak with instructions on different ways you can use the items. May sound silly but it was fun. We made homemade mozzarella from the curds and for our first effort we were very pleased. Will be doing this again, probably with the pork box.
  2. WRT to Pierless and Baldor, the fish we have had delivered to date has been limited but quite good. Shrimp, halibut and Ora King Salmon. (Yes, I know it is farm raised). I prefer wild salmon but I also like the fresh Ora King salmon more than the frozen wild from Great Alaska.
  3. mitchells


    I don't know how to do a poll but who doesn't think Daniel was more fun when he was eating bacon?
  4. Another delivery day. Grilled Oro Salmon sprinkled with my new La Boite seasoning (I used Isphahan) and doused with a grilled lemon. Topped with grilled scallion and a few left over garlic scapes. Sauteed Broccoli de ciccio on the side. Assorted lettuces with just lemon and olive oil and a few sliced radishes to start.
  5. Where do you get your Alheira? Sounds excellent.
  6. 😁 Listened to this last night for the first time with my family and the we said the same exact thing, "This is boring."
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    Summer on a plate. Grilled swordfish topped with a dollop of garlic scape pesto with a few cut up sungolds. Corn, tomato, red onion, chile and basil relish on the side. Grilled scallion thrown everywhere.
  8. I get most things delivered. I send my mother in law out for anything else we may need.
  9. We’re trying a couple of Blue Hill boxes this week. Will report back.
  10. Try it next time substituting 1/2 of the Campari with an equal amount of Ancho Reyes.
  11. Not exactly sure what I drank tonight but I’m hammered.
  12. Did you brine the chops? I have a couple in the freezer that I’m ready for...
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    Using the grill a ton lately and last night used it for grilled eggplant parm. Grilled slices of eggplant and tomato with oregano. Stacked 5 layers of eggplant and tomato with basil and grated parm on each tomato. Topped with fresh mozz and roasted in the grill on an old roasting pan for 15 minutes until the cheese was running down the side. More basil, grated parm and an olive oil drizzle on top. It was good but would have been so much better with tomatoes that had some flavor.
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    Esposito's Chicken and Broccoli Rabe sausage with roasted onions and sweet peppers. A few really hot peppers thrown in. With very garlicky kale and beet greens. All with a glass (or two) of Primitivo.
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