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  1. Where is Rick Moonen? Still in Las Vegas?
  2. What do we do when we're dining with someone who does not drink?
  3. mitchells


    Tedeschi Trucks Band at The Beacon. Lots of great covers including one of my faves, Anyday by Derek and the Dominos. The Derek playing was especially up for this show. I don't think there is currently a better guitarist in the genre. And Susan defines soulful. Anders Osborne and his full band opened and was on fire. He was clearly happy and the crowd, most of which probably had no idea who he was, was on its feet throughout. Great night. Dinner nearby was at North Miznon. Let's call it modern Israeli. Never been but recommended. A few dishes were exceptional. Roasted branzino and
  4. For whatever its worth, my wife and I were playing Uber a month or so to go and had 2 1/2 hours to kill. We did a food/drink crawl in midtown. First stop was Oceana. Outside was packed with mostly young people. Inside was empty. Last stop was the lounge at Le Bernardin. Inside the restaurant proper was full with a lot of energy. Surprising to me how young the crowd was. The lounge was relatively full as well. We sat at the bar and everything we ate and drank was simply outstanding. And Eric Ripert was there and looked very happy. I agree with JTF, this place isn't going anywhere because
  5. The only good thing that happened football related yesterday were the Chipotle Bison Cheeseburgers pre-Giant game.
  6. mitchells


    It's one of the better outdoor venues around. Easy to get in and out, no seat far away and good sound. And because of the 11PM curfew, shows generally start on time. And where else can you occasionally find a tennis ball near a urinal?😁 (No, I did not pick it up)
  7. mitchells


    Dead & Co was a dud. No surprise. They play soooooooo slowly! I'm going to guess they are held back by the drummers. Also no surprise, My Morning Jacket was their most excellent selves from start to finish including an awesome cover of "What's Going On". My favorite live band at the moment. And better than expected Chinese food at Memories of Shanghai on Austin Street in Forest Hills pre-concert.
  8. You first eat the marrow out of a split bone. Then you put the marrow bone up to your mouth and the bartender pours whiskey into the groove...... Known as Whiskey Luge Style.....
  9. Tree House Brewing "Four". Supposedly the original recipe for their now famous Jjjuliousss beer. Very cloudy in the glass and like most of their beers, quite delicious. Definitely worth a stop if you are anywhere near Sturbridge, MA. Plenty of outdoor seating and food trucks. I just picked up a few four packs but most others needed hand-trucks to get their beer to their cars.
  10. Just had a horrible thought. What if Wilf took pictures of Sneak's food? 😉
  11. mitchells


    Call me crazy but two indoor concerts in the last few weeks. North Mississippi All-Stars, now with Lamar Williams Jr. singing. Adds a new touch to the swampy greasy songs. I can watch Luther Dickinson play guitar all day long. And this past weekend, the Drive By Truckers with a great show (you can just tell how pumped they are to be back performing) with a bunch of new music and old favorites. They have now produced 11 studio albums over 25 years. Also did covers of Warren Zevon (Play It All Night Long) and the Ramones (The KKK Took My Baby Away). This show was definitely heavier on the
  12. $4000 in CC credits and counting before the Lassen refund..... I've rolled over our Delta companion ticket 3 times already.... Tough to make money at Saratoga, soooo many favorites winning. Essential Quality should win this Saturday and pay $3.20. 👎
  13. Miso Grilled Salmon with spicy garlic eggplant. The salmon is easy but had been struggling with the eggplant dish. Watched a youtube video yesterday that changed my approach. No doubt JTF already knew this but seems like the key is to steam the eggplant first before sauteeing with garlic, ginger, chiles, etc. Came out great and will be having the leftovers today for lunch over rice.
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