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  1. This is unsurprisingly great from Patti Smith: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2023/02/13/he-was-tom-verlaine
  2. mitchells

    Tom Verlaine

    RIP at 73. Guitarists in their 70’s are on a really bad streak……
  3. Like above, as soon as we dusted off the first ramekin of butter, my wife said we should ask for more. Within 10 seconds of her saying that to me, the butter was on the table. And we never felt anyone was ever hovering around us. And as soon as bread was gone, here comes the basket. We never had to ask for anything, other than the bill.
  4. Celebrating a big birthday for someone so went to her favorite NYC restaurant (it's my favorite too!) which is Le Bernardin. Just great from beginning to end. There were three of us so we had a combined 12 dishes. One starter and one dessert were "just okay" but the other 10 dishes plus 3 amuses were outstanding. Dish of the night was a slightly cooked Hiramassa in a crazy good red wine sauce laced with bone marrow. Service was perfect from the moment we arrived. They are able to pull off attentive, efficient and effective service without appearing to be trying too hard. Very relaxed and
  5. It's also harder to go out for a drink at one of the better cocktail bars in NY as now you need to plan ahead and make a reservation at many of them compared to the time when you had a dinner reservation somewhere and a few days before suggested to the rest of your party that you meet an hour before at wherever. Impossible to do that at places like Manhatta, Dead Rabbit, etc. Easier to say pop on over to my place an hour before for a drink before going out. I live in CT and the issue with drinking somewhere beforehand is most restaurants with good cocktails and beer lists now book up th
  6. mitchells

    David Crosby

    At 81. His voice was still great.....
  7. Probably a question for @Evelyn. Where is your go to high end sushi restaurant in Las Vegas. I've had great meals at Kabuto and Yui but those were years ago. Kame? Also, how is Kaiseki Yuzu understanding it is not a sushi restaurant? Thank you!
  8. G-Men baby! Philly cheesesteaks next week!
  9. I’m not but him being there will make the other stages less crowded.😁
  10. It’s like Christmas morning when the Jazzfest lineup comes out and this year’s does not disappoint. https://www.nojazzfest.com/music/ Flights and hotel booked for 1st weekend!
  11. Too funny! Leftover Marcella beans in pasta fagioli last night for us. 😉 Your soup looks great. And for Sneak's benefit, we added a tablespoon of nduja into our soup.
  12. You are eating much earlier lately. And you can keep cotechino for over a week?
  13. Foo Fighters are coming back in 2023 as they just announced playing at 3 music festivals. Any guesses who their new drummer will be? Or will Dave G play drums and they get a new lead guitar player/vocalist?
  14. Factor in the RT cost of Uber and you could have had the lobster for the whole family in Newark. 🤪
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