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What's in your garden?


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This has not been a stellar year for either of my gardens. Downstate, my Sungold offered up 50 fruit, which sounds pretty good, but that's half of the usual yield. The Pink Berkeley Tie Dyes and Premios were even worse - just a few fruits each. I got three Anaheim peppers - which is actually a pretty good haul for me - and a fine amount of kale, chard, parsley, dill, thyme, sage and tarragon. The basil, mint, cilantro and oregano keeled over dead before doing anything useful.

Upstate, I'm very hopeful to get more cukes. Last time we were there, the vines were covered in flowers and infant fruits, and I've already made a very respectable batch of pickles. The green beans have been uncharacteristically anemic, and of the peas, the less said, the better. H shamed me by growing a fine crop of yellow pear tomatoes in this, his first year out as a vegetable grower, while none of my tomatoes did squat. (He's in charge of flowers. I don't give a damn about flowers. I can't eat flowers.) I was reasonably successful with carrots this year, likely due to my next-door neighbor getting a countertop composter (she has no need of compost, but I do). I continue to bang my head against the wall trying to grow okra and beets, both of which obviously hate me.

Looking forward to 2024 at this point.

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