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Wegmans Sakanaya @ Astor Place


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She must have been a kindergarten teacher because I could understand everything!

I spoke with Sato-san at length this morning. Uoriki is a huge Japanese seafood trading company that supplies fish at all levels (down to supermarket sushi) and has shops in many depachika and shopping halls. Right now the fishmongers are all Japanese but they plan to teach Wegmans employees the job (🤣)

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I can see their point about Sakana-ya and O-Sakana being possibly confusing to non-Japanese speakers, but the rest of it seems difficult to support - Wegmans have consultants scout for businesses and products and they may end up choosing a different vendor. Is Osakana really claiming that running a Japanese style fish counter is something Uoriki was unfamiliar with and that Wegmans taught them how to do it using their secrets?

eta: I see in the article that he's claiming his Japanese customers were especially confused by the name, I hope he didn't include that claim in his complaint. 

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