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Soup of the Fortnight: cook-together project

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So, over on Another Food-Related Website, there was this brilliant -- or so I thought -- notion of doing a soup of the week. The original poster planned to choose a soup to cook, and then we'd all cook along, each using a recipe of our choice. Given that these were all reasonably common soups (cream of mushroom, minestrone, lentil, etc.), everyone had at least one recipe in their collection to choose from, or could find one online. Then, throughout the week, we'd all then post and discuss the relative merits of the recipe we'd used.


Alas, the original poster doesn't seem to be choosing a weekly soup anymore, and so the thread has kind of gone off the rails. Truth be told, I miss my weekly soup.


Anyone interested in doing something like this over here? I think maybe a soup per fortnight might be easier to manage. I'm happy to be the soup-chooser, or we could trade off choosing the soup, like the on the PNW Wine of the Month thread: The person choosing would also designate the next fortnight's chooser.


Whadya think?

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I'm in. Whenever I have a good one, I think I have to make it more often.


I used to like creamy soups. But more and more I like clear broths loaded with flavor. I understand the term "comfort food" but it doesn't appeal to me. I want my mouth and senses to be excited, not calmed. But any kind of soup sounds like fun, especially if it will help me go through the pounds of vegetables I have in the crisper drawer.

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I'm in.


I've been on a chicken noodle soup kick lately. There are so many different directions you can take it, so many cuisines you showcase, yet it is ALWAYS somehow familiar, and always very comforting.


This weeks was a lemon ginger chicken soup. Last weeks was a spicy chipotle chicken soup. I'm thinking of trying something with apples next week.


My favourite soups are definintely broth-based (as opposed to cream). But I'm totally came for anything. Soups are, in my little brain, one of the most interesting and versatile courses one can create.


Edited to add: I had to Google "fortnight". I feel like such a twat.

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Sorry about "fortnight"! Is it a U.S. anachronism that's not used in Canada? :blush: (Using five-dollar words is an occupational hazard for me, I'm afraid... much like compulsively copyediting menus!)


Seems like we're developing a quorum. I'll chew on the idea and come up with the inaugural soup tomorrowish.



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This is a great idea, although I may make it "soup of the month", as SeaGuy is not much of a soup lover and I may end up with more soup than I know what to do with if I make it every two weeks.


I actually have a couple of packages of chicken backs/necks in the freezer that I've been meaning to make stock with, so maybe this will get me off my arse.


I've been wanting to make Vietnamese pho ga again sometime; as well as pozole (although it's both Mexican and a soup--which thread would it go on?). I also love cream of asparagus with parmesan custards and spring is right near......and then there's gazpacho in the summer........yumm!


Bring on the soup!



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I like the chicken soup Idea


one whole chicken

carrots, cellery, onions,garlic, leeks, bay leafs,all coarse chop, miropoix

whole black pepper and sprigs of fresh thyme.

Simmer for 20 min

Pullchicken out

Take off breasts

put bones back in

cook ten minutes more

take meat off legs

put back bones

simmmer for 30 min



Now you have some great stock for chicken soup

and some tasty chicken pieces for that great soup


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Sorry about "fortnight"! Is it a U.S. anachronism that's not used in Canada?

It's used in the US? I first discovered "fortnight" in casual use when I moved to the UK. :blush:


I'm game for this, although my soup-making tends to be of the last-minute, I-need-dinner-in-a-flash variety. I'm perfectly willing to change, though.

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We are really into soup mode chez moi at the moment.


Recently made two soups from the Les Halles cookbook (which I borrowed from the library, and now it's all messy). The mushroom soup was quite good, although we "souped" it up by using a variety of mushrooms including some dried chanterelles. I thought the amount of sherry called for was a bit excessive in that it overpowered the mushrooms a bit (maybe we should have used a fino, but we only had amontillado in the house). We also made the french onion soup, which we made with beef stock, and it was good as well (we used a mixture of good gruyere and emmenthal cheese). We have also made leek and potato soup and a nice cheese soup in recent weeks.



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I will enthusiastically read, but I fear that my soupmaking falls into the day-by-day category. On the 'other soup-place', I'm afraid I made mine when the weather, ingredients, time, and opportunity came up. It seemed as if I made something a week before everyone talked about it. But I can read you all's progress, right? Today I am putting some chicken to brothing, have some excellent venison chops from last night, cabbage, sweet white onions, wild rice,canned Italian tomatoes, and chick peas. I am thinking a clear and spicy blend of the shredded cooked chicken, venison,sliced onions,shaved cabbage,tomatoes, peas, and rice. To serve with either fresh corn tortillas or pitas. A butterscotch flan for desert. :blush:

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It's used in the US? I first discovered "fortnight" in casual use when I moved to the UK.  :blush:

There was a period in the '80s when Esquire went every other week and I think their tag was 'The Fortnightly for Gentlemen'. I think it's good to use this word! Much more elegant than bi-weekly, and not too prissy.

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