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    Actually, for what I want, a cono of iberico bellota, another snack and something vegetarian for my wife and dine/done in 40 minutes, seems perfect. Most of the day will be at the museum But given the collective advice on the board, if I can get some pata negra for snacking, I may skip lunch .
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    I’ve been to Mercado San Miguel before and loved it. Is it much different then in 2011? I am having a light lunch there. I have zero interest in Mexican food or a 3 hour lunch that day. Thanks for the dinner tips!
  3. beachfan


    Sorry, but don't understand the "dressed for battle" comment. Very crowded? I will pay for percebes but not fight for them. Filandon not open for dinner? Lunch is at the Mercado (my only chance this visit). Thanks!
  4. beachfan


    Any thoughts on a seafood (preferred) or other fine dining open on Sunday in Madrid? Backup plan is a tapas crawl, but as I don't drink much these days, it's not as appealing as before.
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    This is helpful, not because I have any hope of learning how to judge percebes priior to my next visit, but it explains why I didn't see the fuss over Carabineros when I had them and percebes at La Trainera (the percebes knocked my socks off). I wasn't going to order them again, but maybe I'll give them try again. Based on this recommendation, I had a fabulous meal there 10 years ago - loved the percebes!! In your recent post, I noticed it was missing from your list. Should I go to O'Pazo for percebes or La Trainera again? Will be at the Westin (near the Thyssen musuem). You can NOT go to O Pazo or La Trainera or any restaurant in the world (including in Galicia) and simply assume that you are going to order percebes that night and get excellent product. They may not have them of course, but worse yet, they have them and the quality is mediocre ... even at the top places in the world for them. Ignore Chambo at your peril ! But then again if you don t know much about percebes, you may not know the difference anyway and you may be tickled pink with whatever the hell they serve you because you are just chewing away like a crazed mad man, happy as a giant clam, thinking to yourself : My God, I am eating Percebes ! Percebes Percebes Percebes !!! How lucky am I ? Tonight I consider myself to be the luckiest man on the face of the Earth ! Ignorance truly is bliss in such cases. So if you really want percebes, call the resto and ask them if they have them that night (and don t forget to ask about those carabineros too) ... and even if you do this, do not be shocked when they are gone (or the goods ones are gone) by the time you are ready to order. Moving along, for carabineros, I would go to O Pazo as their pricing is better than La Trainera and their quality should surely be as good and is probably better. Early this summer, O Pazo carabs were 110 euros per kg (their price has not changed in many years !). Trainera was 155. This has been the case for the last few years. Prices for percebes at both places were pretty similar BUT THAT IS MEANINGLESS* ! If you understand percebes, you know that based upon their size and their place of origin and based upon how they were cut off the rock etc that the price varies by a factor of at least 2x or 3x or 4x. And then there is the freshness factor which requires seeing them (yes, seeing them, even at the BEST percebes places in the world ! The many, many tales that I could tell ...) The menus list the prices but you have no idea what the actual product on offer that night is unless you LOOK AT it. Chambo NEVER orders percebes prior to peeking at the product ... and further we select the actual percebes that will be cooked right then and there. Then again, you must know how to distinguish what you are looking at ... Am I complicating things ? Yes, I am ! All that said, you may find La T to be more geographically desirable ... and the ambience at these two restos are very different so that is a factor too * And yes, even with carabs, price is FAR** from the whole story, but with these two restos the quality should be pretty good. Once again, you want to LOOK AT the product and verify that they are looking good / fresh, and the more salient factor, at least for me, would be their individual size / weight. For the most part, bigger is better than smaller with these scarlet red critters IMHO ** Like whether they were frozen or not ... and what size they are ... and where they are coming from ... and did they come from a frozen, pre-packaged box ! (whenever carabs are priced really great, I will bet you they came from a pre-packaged frozen box ... which are a very sad imitation of the real McCoy)
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    Does this list for a tapas crawl still look good? (My favorites were Cervezeria Cervantes and Dolores, and La Valencia). Any new musts (especially near these three)? They seem to be open on Sunday evening, is there a great seafood restaurant open on Sunday? Thanks in advance!
  7. beachfan


    Based on this recommendation, I had a fabulous meal there 10 years ago - loved the percebes!! In your recent post, I noticed it was missing from your list. Should I go to O'Pazo for percebes or La Trainera again? Will be at the Westin (near the Thyssen musuem).
  8. While I like BHS, I'm looking for something slightly more upscale than that and Osteria dal Forno.
  9. beachfan


    I was there last year, I think around August. No Hemant in site, significantly sup par for this place, so much so that I dropped it from my list (I've been their 6 times). Didn't get any of my normal comps, but that wasn't a concern, it was that the food was meh.
  10. I remember Ideale and thanks for the tip on North Beach restaurant! Agree on Cotagna, but no red sauce on the menu I think.
  11. Ok, it's my friend's birthday, he doesn't like northern italian, he wants the italian food he grew up with in Queens. Perbacco no. La Ciccia, no. So with the many choice in North Beach and elsewhere, where would you suggest for things like lasagna, eggplant parm, ravioli, etc.
  12. My meal at Saison in 2012 was the best of the year, and a 3* meal in a 1/2* setting. At the new place, it was a not even quite a 2* meal. Never thought there could be too much unami, but there was. Everything was smoked this, mushroom that, all sounded great, but not enough contrast. And the pricing (you don't know the price until you show up) isn't acceptable to me (you have to guarentee the reservation to a credit card). To their credit, when I discussed their pricing policy (at $225, I was in, at $275 or whatever it was, I was out), they arranged to honor their baseline price. Otherwise the disappointment would have been sharper.
  13. Very helpful, thanks. I will do Pichet one day and either One Pico or Gueleton the other. Gueleton looks best for vegetarians, but no reservation policy is a minus. Given a 6pm opening for One Pico and a 7:30 curtain for most shows, seems hard to do it pre theatre. Pichet is open at 5:00, making it much more relaxed. I'll be sure to take note of the pub recommendations! I assume they are all within walking distance of the old part of Dublin (I'll be at the Westin, which I believe is centrally located).
  14. Any updates? I'm thinging of a) Dinner at Le Gueleton Sunday night b) Lunch at Guilbaud on Tuesday I liked the look of Chapter one, but they aren't open Monday, and that's my only free day. Millstone had some nice vegetarian options, but for the pescatarian (me), didn't look as good. But maybe I'll wind up there. Monday pre theatre dinner or lunch suggestions please! (looks like l'ecrivain is tasty and open Monday night, but don't seat until 6:30).
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