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  1. Martha Stewart has a beautiful kitchen in the Starrett building on 12th and 26th. And of course they should visit the Union Square Greenmarket.
  2. I'm sure Keith has already yelled at his producers, hit on some interns, and hid in his office.
  3. Liza

    Lucky Peach

    David Chang’s Lucky Peach Magazine to Launch June 22By Chris O'Shea on June 16, 2011 11:24 AMDavid Chang, the famous chef behind the fabulous Momofuku restaurants here, is nearing the beginning of his journey into the magazine world. His quarterly magazine, Lucky Peach (“Momofuku” is Japanese for “lucky peach”), is launching on June 22. The magazine is being published by McSweeney’s. The Wall Street Journal reports that Lucky Peach will begin with an issue dedicated to all things ramen (Momofuku is also the first name of the man who created instant ramen noodles – Momofuku Ando): The f
  4. Liza

    Hotel Griffou

    I would LOVE to be there (as it's my b-day, too) but we have some form of soccer initiation for the youngster.
  5. A certain 7 year old got selected from the Under 9 travel soccer team.
  6. Liza

    Claire Robinson

    Macerate leades you to masticate which brings you back round to the teeth. Too bad I just saw "Manhunter" for the 958th time because I can't get the idea that she's the evil "Tooth Fairy" out of my head.
  7. Liza


    I hope one day to do the reverse and be a mum who became a pole dancer. A girl can dream.
  8. Liza


    Her boyfriend is Gerard Pique of Barcelona.
  9. Liza


    Cocktails, Beans? Don't be a tease. Spill.
  10. Liza

    A Clock

    You're going to make some young lady very happy, Stone.
  11. Liza


    Lippy, would you share the recipe?
  12. Liza

    Today I played...

    The Givers http://www.npr.org/2011/05/30/136650759/first-listen-givers-in-light They're gonna be huge.
  13. Liza

    Hotel Griffou

    Good lord, I want all of that.
  14. Liza


    Smoked short ribs Wild rice salad with duck prosciutto, garlic scapes, raisins, pumpkin seeds Roasted asparagus Brownies with icecream
  15. Good add, Daniel. Also beavers. Especially, rabid ones: Rabid Beaver Attacks 3 in Philadelphia PHILADELPHIA (AP) — Pennsylvania wildlife officials say a rabid beaver attacked three people in Philadelphia. The Game Commission reported Friday that an animal blamed for attacking a couple on Wednesday and a child on Thursday tested positive for rabies. The attacks happened on or near Pennypack Creek in northeast Philadelphia. Authorities are warning people to be on the alert for animals acting unusually in the area.
  16. We should add my mom to this list.
  17. Placed my first order yesterday at 3pm, given an option for 6:30-8am delivery today. Arrived at 7:30am, and must say I was most pleased. Lovely to receive two cases of seltzer at my door; ditto juice boxes. Ripe avocados, too. Splurged on two Tabla pre-made entrees and will report back but the ease of experience and some of the prices (.60 for a Dannon yogurt!) are great.
  18. Let's stay on topic, folks, and avoid politics if at all possible. Many thanks.
  19. I pity the poor dog who shows up wearing a denim collar.
  20. Market tip from "Clients from Hell": "I don’t know quite what we’ll be selling yet. Maybe niches. I’ve heard the niche market is doing really well."
  21. Liza

    Today I played...

    It's Foo Fighters "Wasting Light" and The Kills. Shocking, I know. Thinking of the new Beasties - anyone?
  22. I don't tweet. I just like the idea of random crotches flying through the internets, untethered to their usual tether. So to speak.
  23. I think I saw Margaret Hamilton in there.
  24. I'm just going to go with the blanket anyone. That seems to be the state of my world these days. The world could use more, not less, crotch tweeting, IMO.
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