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  1. Peter Cook said that the one thing he regretted having done was saving David Frost ( the bubonic plagiarist) from drowning.
  2. g.johnson

    Mick Farren

    Charles Shaar Murray's obit.
  3. HSBC in the UK have a little credit card sized thingy requiring a pin number to retrieve a six digit code necessary to enter their website. I'm not sure how it works. Orik?
  4. There is a distinct train spotting element to tasting.
  5. You're thinking of Love Hearts but the violet ones are Parma Violets, apparently made by the same gloriously named company Swizzels Matlow.
  6. I returned very briefly to NYC last week and really couldn't think of anywhere I felt compelled to visit. Chinese? Better in London. Steak? Better in my back garden. Mexican? Not that great in NYC anyway. I did want to visit Louro but feared I'd be overwhelmed by David's generosity. In the end I opted for mid-grade sushi even though I don't like sushi.
  7. "There are still some people who try to insist that to use which... in a defining clause is wrong, and that every such clause must have that. There is no justification for this. There are some sentences in which that comes more naturally, others in which it does not." Gowers, p122.
  8. The that/which thing is something only Americans worry about. Not having a language of their own makes them overly sensitive about these things.
  9. Not lovable old Tarby!
  10. I hope you meant Rijksmuseum. Oh god, I've just offended half of Europe.
  11. Amsterdam is 20 minutes from "Norwich International Airport"* and the newly renovated Reichsmuseum sounds like a treat. *Amsterdam is the only international destination.
  12. Of course, but that's why she was hated. She had the complete contempt for the working class that only a grocer's daughter could feel. And, my god, the fake accent.
  13. In an old interview on the BBC she quotes Yeats -- The best lack all conviction, while the worst/Are filled with passionate intensity. The obliviousness is staggering.
  14. Crap chemist, crap lawyer and only lucked out in politics by appealing to the basest instincts of the Tory party which she shared because she was a crap human being.
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