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i hadn’t known that one of the individuals behind the restaurant was involved with hudson yards 


The three-Michelin starred restaurant SingleThread in Healdsburg sources most of its produce from its own farm, and finds other ingredients for its 10-course, $425 tasting menu nearby, like local Dungeness crab, Sonoma grains and Monterey Bay abalone. But the money behind the restaurant comes from farther afield.

SingleThread was financed in large part by New York City real estate developer Tony Greenberg, who once helped lead development for Hudson Yards in Manhattan, the largest private real estate development in American history. 

Other early investors included the Japanese hospitality and development firm Plan Do See. (In an email, Greenberg wrote that SingleThread is “backed by a group of about 70 individual investors, which includes friends and family and mostly locals who live in Sonoma and the North Bay area.”)

Along with head chef and head farmer pair Kyle and Katina Connaughton, Greenberg is a co-owner of SingleThread. He’s also CEO of the hospitality and development firm Vertice Hospitality, which manages SingleThread — and has now acquired three more Healdsburg properties.

These new developments have some locals pushing back — fearful that, as more than 60 residents wrote in a letter to Vertice, the projects will promote “luxury visitor dining at the expense of local residents.” But the moves come as little surprise to restaurant investment experts, who say our current economic moment is ripe for real estate-focused acquisitions.  


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On 10/18/2023 at 8:21 PM, voyager said:

It's hard to single out Single Thread as guilty promoting “luxury visitor dining at the expense of local residents.”    The entire Sonona/Napa area has become both destination and retirement residence of the loaded.    

I thought that was always how it was......

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