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    St. Eve's

    I really think they need to reconsider the door issue. I want to walk in the front door, not round the back and past the two bathrooms before the hostess station. It starts the evening off wrong.
  2. Still amazed at what I saw with my own eyes from Murray & Greenwich, and then running up Greenwich St. Still so thankful to Maria, who gave us a new home.
  3. Welcome, little B! Our 8 year old, whom many MFers baby-showered, has his own Bayern Munich shirt, too.
  4. Lani's Farm, which lost 40% of its crops in Irene, had a phenomenal display today. Must have been 6 types of eggplant including rosa bianca, neon, fairytale. Green and red long beans. Lima, cranberry and romano beans. Also, sweet potato leaves which apparently make an excellent kim chee, though I've been instructed to steep them into a tea.
  5. How old is the boy now? He and I have almost the same sized feet. . . Just turned 8.
  6. Best wishes to both of you! (another RTBC: Blondie!) (and one more: the boy feet are now a whopping size 3. New cleats for soccer).
  7. Pickled shrimp. 3 c water 2 c white wine vinegar 1 c sugar Chopped garlic 2 sliced jalapenos Red pepper flakes, whole peppercorns, whatever else you want Bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar. Add 2 lbs. peeled & deveined shrimp. Cook for ONE MINUTE. Turn off heat. Cool to room temp. Refrigerate for 8 hours or longer. I've been pickling a lot of shrimp lately, serving with remoulade or green goddess dressing.
  8. Glyn, Archer is by far the best show on television. Ever.
  9. SLF, absolutely. My bad.
  10. You use a separate cutting board for ferrets? Who knew!
  11. Other Irish artists, not U2: The Undertones Therapy? Van Morrison Thin Lizzy Villagers Bell X1 Sinead O'Connor Has no one proposed Prince, or did I not read carefully enough. And heretical as it seems, if one record from the Sex Pistols is enough, then one record from Stone Roses is enough for me. (ducking)
  12. Wow. Anal sex, fish eggs, and regular sex. But that could just be me.
  13. Daniel, that's awesome. Keep enjoying it. I, too, limit myself (due to age and injury at this point) and find that I still run because I still love it. Though summertime finds me doing a mile in the pool 4-5 times a week, which is helping with nagging achilles tendonitis. I also find a kick-ass playlist on the headphones to push me through.
  14. Liza

    Today I played...

    Speaking of Foster the People, why does radio and the VH1 fuzz out the word "bullets"? I can understand curse words, and even recall Tom Petty's "joint" getting the same treatment. But bullets?
  15. Liza


    A shout out to Paffenroth's tiny nubby carrots, about the size of a baby's foot. I blanched then roasted them and to my shock and awe, heard from the nearly 8 year old, "I don't want any pasta. I want more carrots".
  16. If that is a anti-walrus comment, I'm going to have to report this post.
  17. They used to be called HVFG but changed their name to HVDF.
  18. Next thing you know they'll be banning the under six set.
  19. Perhaps a "size matters" comment would be timely?
  20. The Tom Hanks role in "Turner and Hooch" was originally offered to Johnny Depp. True story.
  21. The Mister, a Mayo-born man, walked out after the first act.
  22. Lani's farm had fresh chick peas yesterday. Steve continues to be the best farmer in the tri-state area, IMHO. Durr Farm should be coming back soon and will hopefully fill some of the veg needs of those missing Glebocki. Real Live Food also brings in Ronnybrook milk and other products.
  23. Liza

    Peter Falk

    Serpentine, Sheldon, serpentine!
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