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  1. Yesterday's lunch: Gazpacho and Grilled Marinated Shrimp with Warm Corn Salad.
  2. Pete Wells Will Leave Role as NYT Food Critic - The New York Times (nytimes.com)
  3. I have never had any desire whatsoever to go to Rao’s. I do buy their marinara sauce when it’s on sale at ShopRite.
  4. @voyager Sorry to hear about your husband’s stroke. Glad he’s getting first-rate medical care. Your latest post sounds as though he is already improving. I wish him a speedy and complete recovery.
  5. Watermelon, peaches, and feta salad with Champagne vinegar vinaigrette The peaches come to us from Pearson Farm, in Georgia (free delivery). I discovered them during the pandemic lockdown. Their peaches were fabulous. Since then, I've been ordering from them several times every year. Currently, they are shipping "Julyprince" freestones. So sweet and juicy!
  6. rozrapp


    Since our main meal for yesterday's July 4th celebration was at lunch, late supper was a panzanella salad. It included the first Jersey tomatoes of this season.
  7. We had our July 4th celebration meal at lunch. Tortilla soup; Hebrew National franks topped with mustard and sour kraut; Busch's baked beans; homemade cole slaw. Details and photos on my blogpost: At Home 2024: July 4th | The Wizard of Roz (wordpress.com)
  8. rozrapp


    Whoa! He looks so young there! Thinking back, I must not have looked at the instructions carefully enough. Otherwise, I would have seen that it included the need for sous vide equipment which I didn’t have (and have never bought). Also, while the recipe calls for poaching the shrimp, I bought already cooked shrimp (like what is used for shrimp cocktail). No surprise that making the shrimp salad was easy. It was trying to do the roulade thingy where I failed miserably. I ended up putting the avocado slices on the plate and piling the shrimp salad on top. Looking forward to seeing how you do.
  9. rozrapp


    @small h, Very bold of you to attempt to make it. It seems pretty difficult, at least for me. (l’m a pretty decent cook with poor knife skills.) Pre-pandemic, we ate often at Cafe Boulud at its original location. Given that this is Boulud’s signature dish, it was usually on the La Tradition section of the menu, and I’d occasionally order it. I just checked the menu at Cafe Boulud’s new location, and it is on that menu section. There’s even a photo of it. This reminds me of the time when I attempted to make a favorite dish from EMP: Avocado Roulade with Prawn. Many years ago, I was gifted the first EMP cookbook for my birthday, and the recipe is in it. To make a long story short, it was a disaster.
  10. Never knew it as a church key. I have a very old one which I’ve always called a bottle opener (it’s more than 50 years old) from the days when twist off caps didn’t exist. As was mentioned, I use the tip under the lid to release the pressure. If I still can’t twist it off, my next move is tapping sharply all around the lid with a heavy nut cracker (also old). That usually does the trick. Occasionally, if a little more strength is needed, I’ll have Michael come to my rescue. He always gets results.
  11. I hate them, too! There isn’t anything one can do about OTC bottles with child-proof caps like Tylenol, etc. What I do with those is once I open them, I put the cap back and turn it just enough so the pills won’t spill out but no so it is completely closed. As for our prescription meds, we get them via the mail from Express Scripts. I requested they only put regular screw caps on my meds. I also have that notation at my local pharmacy in the event I bring them a prescription. Edited to add: I saw @Sneakeater’s post after I posted mine. Great minds, etc…
  12. Yesterday's lunch: Chilled Zucchini Soup (A Grant Achatz recipe) and BBQ Chicken Legs with Homemade Pasta Salad
  13. Not quite true. RBG was 10 years older (b. 1933) and Schumer is 10 years younger (b. 1950). However, Sanders is 82 (b. 1941), so he was at James Madison when Michael was there. Michael told me he didn’t know him then. He thinks Sanders was a year behind him because, though they were both born in 1941), Michael’s birthday is in January while Sanders’ is in September.
  14. Chuck Schumer also went to James Madison. Michael is 83.
  15. Bruce Morrow, aka “Cousin Brucie,” is still alive. 88 years old. Went to the same high school as Michael, James Madison H.S., in Brooklyn.
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