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  1. @bloviatrix Battleview does not require reservations for pick-your-own. All important information can be found on their website: battlevieworchards.com.
  2. This year's strawberries from Battleview Orchards, in Freehold, became available week before last. I stopped doing pick-you-own a few years ago because of back problems. Glad they have boxes of them in their market. As always, perfect and delicious.
  3. According to Eater, Frog Club is now taking reservations on Resy.
  4. rozrapp

    Le CouCou

    @voyager Le Coucou’s menu is totally à la carte. (Pre-pandemic, we had many meals there both lunch and dinner.) @Wilfrid Did you specify the degree to which you wanted the duck cooked? It looks very rare which would be way too rare for me.
  5. Never been to Osteria Morini. However, we had lunch at Ristorante Morini on the UES several times. Excellent food, good service, and pleasing surroundings. It closed in 2019.
  6. @MitchW I didn’t realize (or forgot) that you’ve been to Koloman. As I’ve before, it’s one of a very few restaurants we’ve never been to that I’m really sorry we can’t go to.
  7. Have you been to Koloman? We haven’t. However, when Chef Markus Glocker took over the kitchen at McNally’s now closed Augustine, Glocker added a few Austrian dishes to the French menu. I had the schnitzel with potato salad, cucumber, and lingonberries. It was superb. It’s on the menu at Koloman. Several MFers, including @Wilfrid and @Diancecht have had the schnitzel there and could comment on it.
  8. Would you consider 2013 “living memory”? We had dinner there twice that year, one of those times with Bonjwing and the other with Dr. Michael Uzmann (aka “uhockey”). I don’t have to rack my brain to remember what we ate since I have photos on my Flickr of both meals. The food was really delicious, so it’s a crime we haven’t been back since then.
  9. How about Four TwentyFive, Vongerichten’s new place? If we were doing indoor restaurant dining, I would try it because Jonathan Benno is in charge of the kitchen.
  10. @Wilfrid The rosemary, basil & sage rub sounds tasty. @MitchW Thanks for the suggestion! In the past, I’ve prepared them in different ways. One I especially like is a recipe from Sara Moulton for Ginger-Orange “Cassoulet.” On D’Artagnan’s site, there are a couple of recipes I’d like to try: one from Daniel Boulud which braises them with Picholine olives; the other slow roasts them with citrus aigre-doux.
  11. My Wegmans carries D’Artagnan duck breast but not duck legs. The other D’Artagnan product I use regularly is the merguez. Wegmans doesn’t carry it; however, Delicious Orchards does along with a variety of other D’Artagnan sausages as well as the duck breast and several other products but, unfortunately, not the duck legs. So I get a few shipped from D’Artagnan. Have a couple in the freezer right now. How did you prepare the legs?
  12. Glad you were able to go there and were able to find the veal you wanted. You are right that the variety of meats they carry is more extensive than other supermarkets in my area. For example, they’re the only place that carries hangar steak, in addition to skirt steak which is ubiquitous; and domestic lamb rib chops, in addition to the imported ones from New Zealand more commonly sold. The domestic chops are more expensive but I feel are worth it because to me, their flavor is superior.
  13. rozrapp

    Frog Club

    It was published this morning on Grub Street. (I received it yesterday via email.)
  14. rozrapp


    Wells just reviewed Noksu, a tasting menu restaurant located below ground inside the 34th St.-Herald Square subway station. It’s not easy to find his reviews on the website. To do so, I had to put “Food and Dining” in the search box.
  15. You might try Wegmans. The one near our house in NJ carries a variety of cuts including for stewing. I suggest you call the Astor Place location and check with someone in the meat dept.
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