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  1. Good food Guide 2005 review "The Oliver’s have been busy!” noted a reporter. Not only have they freshened up Margot’s pretty blue and whit interior, but they have also opened a second branch at the Tregea Hotel. The busy original is still going strong and cheery staff add to the enjoyment of it all. Ultra fresh seafood is a strong suit: “vast” scallops come with smoked bacon and pistachio dressing, while baked monkfish is paired with crisp Parma Ham and a velvety fish sauce. The kitchen has also excelled with mushroom and chorizo risotto and corn fed chicken breast with spring onion mash a
  2. Plastic cladding for walls, bit of re plumbing and moving kit around.Some new fridges and maybe some made to measure Stainless Steel worksurfaces.Thought i was going to be able to get some Govt funding help via Europe(50%) but they have put a stop to that.Oh well, have to pay fo it myself, and maybe rope my father in law in to do some work.I would like to put a wooden floor in the restuarant aswell
  3. Feel better soon Vanessa Cast you minds back to the new range i had last year.We having a refit in November so i thought it would be a good time to get the thing mounted on casters, and a flexi hose , to aid cleaning.Imperial want £200 a caster...thats £800 for 4 dear reader.What the fucks is that all about??? Why don't they just say we are not interested in supplying spares???Nice lady in Lecistershire is sending me some at £10.53 each + VAT
  4. I have just returned to work after a week off sick.This is the first time i have taken a whole week off sick in 20 years of work.My problem is that it all ran fine without me.It should have all gone to hell within minutes.Part of me is very proud of my staff for carrying on while i felt like dying,part of me feels redundant.And for the first time since working for myself, i really did not give a shit about the bistro(man i was sick )
  5. At work , trying to get my head around being away for a week.I have never taken a week off sick before in my life, and it feels weird to be back.
  6. truth is my mum said i had had chicken pox, then rang back to say she wasn,t sure She had also forgotten that my brother is allergic to penecilin mothers..sheesh
  7. All started on Friday heres the quick version felt a bit fluey noticed a couple of blisters ignore it get a few more blisters ask advice on other board call mother and ask if i have had chicken pox(she says no) go to doctors 1st Doc says its some Staph Virus thing gives pencilin leave work early Friday Saturday covered in blisters feel like shit after all else fails i have to go to work for evening service this is not pleasant leave work return to bed Sunday decide to get second opinion 2nd Doc says its Chicken pox + allergy to penecillin return to bed stay in bed
  8. Sorry, i should learn to read.I thought you were offering a choice...duh! 60 racks of lamb all going out pink, chef's gonna love you
  9. Becky was showing me some paintings she had done at Play Group.I asked her what they were ,so she very patiently told me "Thats blue, thats oranging*, thats yellow and thats green" very literal my daughter * thats how she says orange
  10. Basildog

    The Ryder Cup

    MONTY !!!! Outstanding team performance, and how fitting that Colin nails the final put to win the Cup.
  11. Basildog

    The Ryder Cup

    Only me and you interested Macro??? Listening on the net as the TV Aerial is wonky
  12. I told a lady on the phone we were full, even tho we just had had a cancellation.I didn't like her attitude......will i go to hell?
  13. A review in the first month is just that, a snap shot of the early days."Foodies" will read it and weigh it with the knowledge that it may well be different in the future.Even if the place is giving discounts while they iron out any kinks, it's still open to the public, so it's fair game to comment on it.
  14. Some "friend" bought Becky a 2 ft Inflatable Dancing Barney with dance mat..and his commentary of "your doing great" and "Super Dee Duper!" makes me want to smash his feaky purple face in
  15. Her self esteem is shot anyway, may as well give it a ago.It's a chance she gets only once every 4 years.The British public will applaud her effort, and heck she might even win it!
  16. What has she got to loose Macro?
  17. Basildog


    What's a dodgy female?
  18. Note to self...sign up for a mind reading course soon My policy is not to bring the bill untill asked for, but Marco, i believe in walking away and letting the guest read the bill, not hovering waiting for a card or cash.I also walk away when i bring a credit card slip...i walk a lot of miles in my day
  19. If even Mrs BD shouts at the TV, then you know its good !
  20. Spare a thought for my milkman...his car is the one at the bottom
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