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Last week, Norah Jones at the Hammersmith Apollo. I know, I know, and I was not sure why I'd booked even before it started. I mean, I've never bought the new album. But as I'm sure I bored everyone wi

Going to see the Finn brothers in Central Park this evening. I assumed it would have sold out, but I got a message pushing half price tickets which I couldn't resist. Think it will piss down?  

Saw the Cowboy Junkies again last night, in an ice cold Beacon Theater. They had to wind up a ninety minute set at 11pm - union rules - which is a pity, as I think the audience would have loved anoth

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1 minute ago, mitchells said:

It's tomorrow night......

I know, like people need to tell me what's coming up. But this worked out. This will be the year I saw Hinds and Adia Victoria, the only two contemporary acts that knock me out -- with the exception, of course, of ABBA, who may not play the city any time soon.

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1 minute ago, Wilfrid said:

That was going to be my question. I honor Jason for the way he's curating Black women artists, but do I need to hang around? :D

I'll listen to some of his stuff tomorrow.

He has written so many truly amazing songs. His lyrics stay with you forever.  Here is the song I referenced above. Who else writes songs like this:


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Okay, I admit I have a man crush on Jason but in addition to the above, the guy can rock out and plays a pretty good guitar and has an excellent band. I'd be shocked if you left disappointed, especially with the scenery of the Brooklyn Bridge right behind the stage with a perfect weather forecast. 

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Okay, the song you posted is great. It's just one of those occasional things where you buy the ticket for the support band. Remarkably, I don't particularly have a crush on Adia, just love those albums (a certain member of Hinds, different story, and let's not even think about me and ABBA when I was 13).

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2 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

I will give him a fair chance. :D

But I think we all know why I dropped my sixty bucks.



Hey, I was already an Adia fan. I'm all in on her.  I wouldn't be surprised if they did at least one song together, probably The Truth from Isbell's Georgia Blue album. 


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