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Holiday menus


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I don’t want to cook a multi-course dinner for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day. Thinking of small plates/buffet.

I know I can do smoked salmon canapés plus other seafood. I am thinking of a crustless quiche cut into bite-size pieces. Hot, I can make small rabbit tacos (I have leftover rabbit saddles in the freezer).

Any other ideas? Maybe something involving a vegetable? Or avocado, allegedly a fruit?

Cheese goes without saying.

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Yotam Ottolenghi's ham recipe from last week's NY Times Magazine, plus roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, maybe mulled wine to drink.  We'll probably start the day with stollen, and there's bourbon-ginger Christmas pudding and Walker's Strathspey fruitcake (which has been marinating in Scotch for the last couple of weeks) for dessert after the main Christmas lunch.  So, lots of sweets that day.

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We ended up on holiday eve with:

- Little pastry canapé cups filled with either oysters or smoked salmon (latter with sour cream), both topped with salmon eggs.

- A crustless quiche with bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes.

- Blistered Brussels sprouts cooked with the fat trimmed from the above bacon.

- Deep fried lobster balls from Chinatown, soy sauce.

- Tacos with red wine-braised, sliced boneless rabbit saddles, fresh cilantro and sour cream.

- Warm mince pies from Myers of Keswick. 

- L’Abondance, Valencay Affines.

Deliberately there is stuff bought there and easy stuff because I just didn’t want to cook another multi-course dinner from scratch for everyone. Sorry.



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