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Uniquely Great (or even good) Mail Order Shops


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Heray Spice. Their spices are so good that a well known high end spice vendor dropped some of their own imports and resells them. Almost everything we use at the restaurant is from them.

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I second Flannery, though I miss the days when I could call up Bryan directly and he'd tell me about the fresh catch of the day from the local fishermen.  But one of their more recent innovations, their "library" steaks, is probably the best American beef I've ever had.

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awaiting table

Globally, while there are three legally-agreed upon classifications of olive oil- Extra virgin, virgin, lantern oil- it’s actually ‘extra virgin’ that is the most divided.

Extra virgin olive oil is both:

1) the industrial commodity oil made from chemically stripping fat from olives and various seeds using hexane (a chemical from the petroleum industry), deodorising it in a refinery, before blending it for supermarket sales.

2) small-batch artisanal extra virgin olive oil so high in polyphenols as to be classified as pharmecetials. Like fine wine, these oils are usually made of single varietals, from a specific location, in a specific year.

Anyone that tastes the second never goes back to the first.

Most consumers of olive oil have never tasted the second.

Here is your chance to receive a year’s supply of our three extra virgin olive oils, delivered to your front door.

We’ve been making, selling and shipping it around the world now for the last eight years. Each oil is approved by a sommelier of extra virgin, not only to be free of defects but to be rich in the character of each cultivar.

Try a case. It’s not likely that you’ll ever go back (98% order it again the next year).

Price is 19 Euro per bottle. We recommend 12, which reflects the sweet spot in pricing for international for shipping.


i have been a customer for the past 3 years. a case of 12 500 ml metal canisters cost roughly $330 in november 2023

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