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  1. This three-part (link is to first part, which in turn links the second part, which links the third part) profile of Duke Ellington from 1944 is, I think, astonishingly good: https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/1944/06/24/duke-ellington-profile-the-hot-bach-i
  2. The thing is, they don't though. There are so many amateur internet product reviews, for example, where you can tell that the reviewer's only experience is with the product being reviewed and maybe one that it's replacing. How much is a review worth if the reviewer doesn't have experience with a full range of what's available? These amateur reviewers have no grounds for comparison. Add to that people's tendency to want to justify their cash outlays (thus making them want to like whatever it is they purchased) -- as opposed to the disinterest of a professional critic who has no money on the line -- and you have what to me is a lot of useless noise.
  3. Because nobody believes in informed independent professional criticism any more. They don't understand it as a concept.
  4. I've honestly never seen tuna like that.
  5. Unlike Kristi Noem, I like all the goats.
  6. Osteria Morini was still open! https://ny.eater.com/2024/5/15/24157521/osteria-morini-altamarea-michael-white-closing-may-2024
  7. Sneakeater

    Alice Munro

    You coulda said “North American”.
  8. A giant of American culture Seriously.
  9. For $1200 I’d want a whole roll.
  10. Oh come on Duane Eddy COULDN'T have still been alive.
  11. Sneakeater


    A monster.
  12. Before my wife died (hers was permanent), she saw lights. I'm disappointed to say that I did not see lights.
  13. It's pretty cool that one space was a hangout of Frank Sinatra, Joseph Brodsky, and Phillip Roth.
  14. One interesting aspect of this experience is that during the rather elaborate surgery that would have cured me if it hadn't been discovered during surgery that my cancer had metastasized (rendering it incurable and causing them to abort), I (as I understand it) actually technically died -- and then somehow pulled myself back. You would be amazed how much street cred that gives you at a hospital. One doctor who seemed to be considering removing my epidural responded to my threat that he'd face a big fight if he tried by saying, "oh, sir, I don't think I'd want to try to fight with YOU." One orderly just came and sort of stared at me. This makes me feel like The Phantom: The Ghost Who Walks. But what I really wanna know is, am I now technically a newborn?
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