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Where Is It?

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Where is the "Where Is It?" topic?

In any event, last week I went looking for capers. None in my fridge. None in my pantry.  Kept looking cause I was sure i had backup, as I usually do...nope.

Bought a jar of capers in brine and a jar of salted capers from Formaggio Essex.

Last night, opened the pantry and somehow that big jar of capers had worked its way to practically falling off the shelf in the pantry just to fuck with me.

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I ordered three new bookcases. For some reason, one came Saturday, the others on Tuesday.

First one I unpacked. All pieces present plus two little plastic bags of screws and nails. Screws for the shelves so I put the thing together. The nails are to attach the back. Where have the nails gone? I know they're here; it's not like I took them somewhere to show them the sights. They should be in this very room. Can't find them.


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