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the pete wells thread


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we had reserved at frenchette instead of l’abeille (the latter based off a rec on a washington d.c.-based food board), but the place i really wanted to scope out was libertine which i had posted a blurb about a few weeks ago. i distinctly recall that @Sneakeater mentioned it was a new place operating under an old name or some such.

well, i think we’ll be dining here next time we’re in town.

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We enjoyed Libertine but found shy of being a destination restaurant. Like, we enjoyed everything we had. I’d even say the duck breast was as perfect a duck breast as I’ve ever eaten. Yet neither of us felt any urge to return. It was excellent but not exciting, and at their prices I just need a little more excitement.

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12 hours ago, SethG said:

I just need a little more excitement.

Probably why you're thinking of the Lindenhurst  Lindenwood Diner!

I don't necessarily need excitement at restaurants; I'm happy with good food and great service. 

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Restaurant reviews are down to no more than two a month. One in December, one so far in February. Just not enough restaurants to review? Or is he starting to wear out after 12 years? Nobody has done the job longer (Claiborne was on the dining section longer, but only nine years as a regular reviewer).

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12 hours ago, Orik said:

I guess he really doesn't like expensive tasting menus.


Certainly not ones served in a subway station. But c'mon...


Seeing a restaurant full of grown adults waiting for permission to eat with a spoon really makes you wonder how it is that humans haven’t died out yet.

That's a great line.

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