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The husband either broke a front tooth or lost a filling. I am taking him to the dentist this morning. Since he has had several violent rages in the past 3 weeks, I'm a nervous wreck about it. Will be his first time to leave the facility. I just hope I can get him back there. They increased his Seroquel beginning of last week and with one exception, it has helped tremendously. I hope I don't project my fear and discomfort onto him. I'll be glad when today is over--my stomach is in knots.

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Yes, I hope so, too. He actually had lost 2 fillings in front teeth and the dentist said when he was replacing one, another fell out. So, he replaced 3 fillings and smoothed out a crown on a back tooth that had broken. Our dentist is wonderful. He cared for my Mom when she had dementia and he is aware of Don's condition and sensitive to my financial situation with having to pay for memory care.  There was a lot he could have done--made me aware--but said he doesn't think those things are critical and can wait.


And, I am meeting friends this afternoon for Happy Hour wine and pizza at a new-ish place here that I've been wanting to visit. It is rare for our little city to get an independent restaurant. We are in the land of crappy chains here. 

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