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This made me laugh

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So I stroll past the Harlem Renaissance hotel on 125th, or rather past the old Victoria theater that serves as its lobby (same block as the Apollo) and I pause to read a sign about the Victoria restaurant inside.

It’s some weird blurb about celebrating the history of Harlem through Cajun cuisine. Similar sentiment to be found on the website (see below).

I showed this to my daughter who shrewdly suggested it should be soul food. Mm. But it’s worse than that, isn’t it? I have a dollar says whoever made up this nonsense thinks that Cajuns are Black.

Anyway, what the cooking of displaced, white French-Canadians has to do with the history of Harlem is a mystery to me.


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I don't remember reading too much about New England's role in this in "Evangeline" (written by someone who was from a part of New England where Acadians had actually lived before the expulsion) either.

Although to tell the truth I've tried to drive that poem out of my mind to the extent I could.

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