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Saying the New York Times is just a newspaper, is like saying the Grand Canyon is:   1. A large hole in the ground 2. David Gest's pet name for the other Liza 3. Not as good as Le Canyon Grande

Rock 'n' Roll Casualty

that's homeland security trolling for terrorists.

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I think it's the same sort of thing as e.g. http://observer.com/2016/02/anna-wintours-ex-david-shaffer-is-parting-ways-with-his-soho-loft/.


David Shaffer is a lot more than just Anna Wintour's ex-husband.

And the same agenda again. Because of course it's as urgent to be concerned about the sexist belittling of an world famous male professor as of a female fashion designer.

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I have a digital subscription to the NYTimes and whenever I try to cancel, I get offered a 99 cents for 12 weeks deal that spinky always gets, and of course I take it.


I called to cancel today, and I didn't get offered the 99 cents for 12 weeks deal! only got offered a 50-something% for 52 weeks, and a 70-something% off for 6? weeks deal! But the Canadian dollar is just far too low for me to be willing to spend even that much.


So I no longer have a subscription, and will have to resort to clicking links via twitter to read past my 10 article limit.


I am not worthy of splinky (but we all knew that) :(

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Given how much vitriol I've directed at journalists, I have to admit that between their "A Weekend in Chicago" piece and their ongoing "Murder in the 4-0" series, the New York Times is producing exactly the kind of coverage a high-minded journalistic institution should, on this sort of ugly but important topic.

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