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Do You Scoop A Bagel?

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Okay, dukes up.    To be honest, bagels are simply too heavy for me.    Putting cream cheese on top of one of these lead balloons is the same kind of perverted logic but practical solution as putting whipped cream on chocolate mousse to "lighten it up".     I can actually see how getting rid of some of the heft would create a decent filling base, but if that's your thing, why not just go for a baguette?   Why try to make the proverbial silk purse out of a sow's ear.    I'll concede that a bagel warm out of the oven has its charm, but hours later, no go.    But this is true also for bread in general, Poilane, Acme and Tartine included.   Just my picky bread opinion.

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24 minutes ago, bloviatrix said:

If he thinks he was treated badly for asking that the bagel be scooped out, he should try asking for it to be toasted! (at least at some places)

I was picking up bagels at a place in New Jersey - this place has good bagels, and when I picked mine up, they were warm from the oven.  Yet there were still people ordering their bagels with schmears or with cream cheese + smoked salmon, bagel to be toasted.

My feeling is places shouldn't even offer toasting; if you want your fresh out of the oven bagel toasted, bring it home.

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