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Serious Cocktail Bars - Does Anyone Still Go?


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Prior to attending this book event last night, I stopped into Scarlet, the new cocktail bar opened in some way, shape or form by Michael Imperioli.

Was packed at 6:15 (I couldn't get a seat at the bar, but was seated at a counter-type spot) , but other than about 100 bars within a few block radius, what else is to be found on Amsterdam and 82nd Street?

My $28 (after tax and tip) Manhattan was fine, and served in nice glassware. It just made me miss Pegu all that much more.

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17 minutes ago, Wilfrid said:

I've been meaning to go back to Martiny, but it does require a reservation even for the bar to get through the front door. And then there's the new Angel's Share.

Oy.  Scarlet is interesting and may start taking reservations at some point.  But for now, when you get to the front door, it's locked. But there's a sign on the door stating that they are seating another party and will be with you momentarily.  Just pray it's not pouring out.

But back to Martiny. I guess I'll never go, because I just can't deal with having to make a reservation in order to spend $30 on a cocktail.

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