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Uniquely great shops in NYC


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On 1/24/2024 at 5:50 PM, small h said:

Di Palo's

I was quite low on Parmigiano, and went to my favorite place specifically to restock.

They usually have 2 varieties, as they did last week.  One was a winter, younger cheese, not quite as crumbly as many are used to; it was delicious.  He also had on offer Vacche Rosse, 24-month cheese, produced with the milk from a heritage breed of red cow (and quite delicious as well).  

Interestingly, he had priced both the same - I even questioned the pricing, thinking maybe they'd made a mistake, but they had not. 

They were both under $25/lb. The vacche rosse is like a loss leader.


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On 1/24/2024 at 10:12 PM, Orik said:

The Japanese fish counter @ Wegman's. Use it while it lasts, these are some terrific fish at very fair prices. 

The chidai (crimson sea bream) I got today from Wegman's was outstanding.

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