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Please help us choose a new dishwasher

small h

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3 hours ago, small h said:

Thank you! I can't find any evidence that Asko makes an 18" wide dishwasher, so it's not in the running.

my previous bosch lasted 12 years and was probably reparable but it was during the pandemic and it was cheaper, faster and safer to just replace it. my appliance guy recommended to closest new model. it works perfectly but when compared with my last two bosch machines, i don't love the redesigned interior and longer economy cycle. 

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Ah, interesting. I am seduced by the top rack, and the quiet-ness. But our cheap-ish old GE gave us a good run. The door latch gave out about a year ago, so you have to open it with a steak knife (this unleashes my inner MaGyver). And very recently it decided not to fully drain. Our building plumber speculates that it's a busted motor on the pump. Does not seem worth repairing, considering the thing is 16 years old and discontinued, so very hard to get parts.

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Asko (had one -- elegant, expensive, so quiet you'd hardly know it was working, dishes emerging hours later in a state you'd hardly known it'd worked), Bosch (our present one, solidly upper middle class -- where we stand, always hoping to claw upward, always terrified we'll be sucked downward into the middle-middle-class -- sturdy as anything), Miele (that stratosphere of the Sneakeaters and the MitchWs).

All mass-produced, all boring.

What's happened to simply having one custom built? With emerald insides and a Jade exterior? Does nobody care about anything any more?

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9 hours ago, small h said:

The length of cycle is not a big deal for us - we usually run the dishwasher overnight.

Even when we don't, the long cycle isn't a big deal for us.  Unless we're entertaining, which isn't often, we're not in danger of running out of dishes or silverware during a typical cycle.

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