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Weather in your neighborhood


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I'm good. Thank you for checking on me.

This is our yearly monsoon season. It used to be like this every year before we hit the major drought we are still in (yes, deserts can have droughts). My area got +/- 2" of rain in under 2 hours. We are on high ground and meet code that requires being able to deal with 100 year floods. Other areas got hammered. The washes are at very high levels. But not overrun.

The ground is so dry it can't absorb the volume of rain before low lying areas flood. And older areas that were built before the code are in bad shape. Especially some areas of East Las Vegas and (small areas) of the Strip. Also the underground tunnels where homeless people live (especialy during the summer trying to avoid the heat). Thankfully the city has been strong about evacuating them when possible heavy rainfall is predicted. An example of how dangerous the floods can be...a few years ago a brand new firetruck was out doing  a swift water rescue and got swept away. The firemen had to be rescued by a helicopter. 

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Yeah, it rained...a fucking lot.

Actually, we had the rainiest September in something like 100 years.  And evidently it rained as much yesterday as it usually does the whole month.

If we could only pipe this water to the desert southwest.

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Went to our foothill sanctuary for some spring weather.    Got it, but not as hoped.    It started snowing as we arrived and dropped 4" in an hour.   Husband shoveled the deck, but this fell overnight.   It's snowing now.   I was planning to  pop down the hill to the village store for eggs, but that's so not going to happen now or maybe for several days as our road is not high priority of the snowplows.


Screen Shot 2024-04-05 at 7.02.00 AM.png

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