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the lunch thread (cont.)


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1 hour ago, Sneakeater said:

Up until today I had no idea there was such a thing as saury.


You're welcome! I think I first had it grilled as part of the lunch special at Her Name Is Han. This smoked one would make a killer onigiri.

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The Brazilian cafe around the corner from my office has opened up in the former Starbucks in our building, and the new space must be at least 3 times larger than the old once (with correspondingly higher prices).  For lunch today, I had one of their tapioca-flour crepes, filled with vegetable stew.

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One reason I like to roast a whole chicken is for the leftovers.  So this version I did the other night, led to this:


Chicken salad sandwiches on Pain d'Avignon's country bread. Potato salad with the leftover roasted red and yellow potatoes. Crudité and cornichons.

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Went on an ad hoc food crawl down 24th Street in the Mission with a small group of folks, so lunch was a mash-up of (shared) atol de elote and pan de elote, pastrami on rye, chocolate babka, pupusas, pizza, chicken pastelitos, suadero tacos, and very authentic chicharrones.

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oyakodon (chicken and egg rice bowl); karashi sumisoae (asparagus with miso dressing); miso shiru; onigirishiba (pickled cucumber with ginger and perilla); and konasu no karashizuke (pickled eggplant with mustard paste). iced unsweetened green tea.



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