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Will it kill or poison me?

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8 or 9 million years ago, a newcomer to CH started a thread called "Should I eat this lasagna?" I forget why the question even needed to be asked, but although the thread got a lot of responses, the person never posted again, in that or any other thread. Eventually people began wondering what had become of him or her, and I said obviously s/he had eaten the lasagna and died. But here you still are!

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I have something on a shelf of my refrigerator.

It's stored in a way I would never store anything.  But it looks like something I would make.

I don't remember having anything that it looks like it recently.  I can only imagine that I found this thing while going through my freezer (I'm thinning out my holdings in advance of moving) (freezer just about emptied) and moved it to the refrigerator to finish it off.  But I have no specific recollection (I'm finding this whole moving-out-of-apartment-I've-lived-in-for-more-than-38-years-[20-with-now-dead-wife] process very emotionally/mentally trying, so I can believe I'd have moved some food around without remembering it).

@bloviatrix would probably worry.  But I think I'm just gonna power through it and see how it tastes.

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