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You Learn Something New Every Day (cont.)

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Any New Yorkers here know Sylvan Terrace? I had never heard of it. Stumbled across it heading for the Morris-Jumel mansion; 12 blocks from me so I was overdue to visit.

The Terrace, with its row houses, was one of several streets providing accommodation for people working at the mansion and the estate. Now practically a gated community with the (small) wood frame houses selling for a fortune.

But visually striking: looks imported from another city.



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It has certainly kept a low profile. No entry in my 1300 page [i]Encyclopedia of New York City[/i]. It goes straight from Swope to Sylvia’s.

In the landmarks book it’s listed as a historic district; map, no photo.

I am feeling less bad about my ignorance.

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But here:  I'll admit this.

There was a TV show -- one of those thieves-work-for-the-government premises exemplified by Modesty Blaise -- that was on for a minute or two a few decades ago called South Beach.

I knew that the protagonist was played by the daughter of Jerry Butler of the Loving Spoonful.

But it never occurred to me for a second that the guy who played her sidekick was the son of Don Cherry.

(Of course I knew that their handler was played by a Famous Groupie.)

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