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Springsteen a week ago at Gillette Stadium. If the rumors are true and this is the last tour he's leaving on a high note. 2.5 hours and still having fun.


Robert Cray Saturday night at a small club in New Hampshire. Also still going strong at 70.

Bonus trivia what 70's comedy does Cray have a cameo in?

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On 9/2/2023 at 11:39 PM, hollywood10 said:

A friend went to see Beyonce tonight at SoFi.  Waiting to hear if/how she survived.

SoFi is really flexing.  5 nights of Swifties in August,  3 nights of the Beehive this month.

So I got the report.  Beyonce was fantastic, singing all the new album and all the hits.  Jay-Z was there.  Zendaya was there with Tom Holland (sorry, Wilf).

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Beck. First time seeing him and enjoyable if short set. Probably the best graphics I've ever seen at a show. And I can't think of an artist that spans such a broad spectrum of genres. His dance moves however are somewhere between Mick Jagger and Barry Manilow. 

And opening was French Indy Pop/Rock Band Phoenix. They put on quite the show. Interesting that about 20% of the audience left after their set. And who knew their lead singer was married to Sofia Coppola. 

Also on the bill were edgy indie rock band Sir Chloe (also very good) and Weyes Blood with music hard to describe.  Indy Church Pop?  She has quite the voice to go with an interesting back story. 



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I attended dessert fest this weekend, which was the first festival I’ve been to since the third lolapalooza. they had two stages going on friday, so you only had to choose who you were seeing for the few minutes that the stages overlapped, but there on saturday there were two smaller stages going while the bigger bands you were there to see set up and you had to choose who to watch. I guess most people know how festivals work…

the definite highlight was seeing godflesh, which was the first time I’d seen a justin broaderick band in the almost thirty years that I’ve listened to his music. (I know I missed godflesh in high school, but I don’t remember having an opportunity to see jesu even though they were one of my favorite bands for a few years.) they had an immense guitar and bass sound, and the older, lower tempo material they played towards the end of their set was terrific. large parts of the boris set were really enjoyable, but parts of it were really boring, which is typical of boris over the last fifteen years even if they only played material from twenty years ago. conan was really good, the melvins are always good, heavy temple is good, colour haze was terrific (and closer to prog than metal), seeing mondo generator play a kyuss song was terrific even if the rest of their set was boring despite a terrific drum performance, and seeing djunah, whose singer sounds a lot like pj harvey playing harsher music, was a welcome respite from watching hairy dudes play guitar solos.

tldr? godflesh rules 

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A triple bill at The Rooftop at Pier 17: American Aquarium, Drive By Truckers and the Old 97's. 

I was familiar with American Aquarium because their lead singer and songwriter, BJ Barham is a good Twitter follow and although it was a short 30 minute set, I am now officially a fan. How can you not love a song titled "Redheads and Aderall"? A very upbeat and fun set and it barely drizzled. 

Then DBT bringing it hard in their short set for them and closing with a Bruce cover, "Adam Raised a Cain" that was pure fire.  I saw a recent interview with Patterson Hood who when asked about their set lists this tour responded that they don't have set lists. He and Mike Cooley agree on the first song and improvise from there. He said since they never have a synchronized light show, there is no need for a set list and he believes the band has more energy not knowing what is coming next. 

And the Old 97's celebrating 30 years of making music. I had never seen them either and all I can say is they are super fun. A bunch of catchy songs with somewhat humorous lyrics. It became more fun in the rain..... 

And a nice touch by the Pier 17 crew: they passed out free ponchos when we entered and sure enough, not many people left during the Old 97 's set. 

A great night of edgy southern countryish rock music by 3 bands who seemed to be really happy to be there. 

PS: a couple of slices at Joe's for dinner before the show. 

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