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Sneak is right. The Irish dilemma is insoluble. There is no “someone” who can make a “decision,” because Parliament is sovereign and Parliament wants none of the options on offer.


Looks like the next step is an election, which won’t give BJ a mandate, or probably anyone else.


This is a long way from being over.

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Saying the New York Times is just a newspaper, is like saying the Grand Canyon is:   1. A large hole in the ground 2. David Gest's pet name for the other Liza 3. Not as good as Le Canyon Grande

Rock 'n' Roll Casualty

that's homeland security trolling for terrorists.

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A positive gloss, what we’ve seen this year is the British constitution actually working, preventing the executive branch running rogue policies which don’t command the will of Parliament - May or BJ.


It’s a good example.

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I enjoy reading the occasional Guy Trebay piece, another writer with whom I first became acquainted via the Village Voice.


This current one, about the life and times of Nina Griscom (with whom I first became acquainted via the old Food Network), is no exception.  Though it does end up being sadder than I expected.


The Party Girl, Till the End

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All those Sondheim pieces in today's TImes made me worry he'd died.  But thankfully he'd only turned 90.


That's how I got to see Cab Calloway. During lunch I'd thought I was reading his obituary; when I reread it on the way home to Brooklyn, I switched trains and hi-de-ho'd my way back over toward the Beacon, where he was unforgettable.

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@Sneak, just saw the link to the music paper story. Many thanks.


Melody Maker was the biggest, inkiest, and most staid of the music weeklies when I was a kid — it had catered to jazz musicians for years, and continued to do so when it moved to put rock and pop on the front page. It was also where every kind of act advertised for musicians in the back pages.


It was the first I read regularly as a teenager. I recall a friend of my father, a man of substantial self-esteem, picking it out of my hands and asking how anyone could possibly write so much about pop music.


Looking back, the weekly production of some 200 closely printed tabloid pages between the four competing U.K. weeklies, I can almost see what he was saying. Mind you, articles tended to be long when they were paid (as they were) at a by-the-word rate.

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