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The quiet opening plan was perhaps too perfectly orchestrated and got both Wells and Rosner to write us up at the same exact moment (I didn't foresee nymag finding us ahead of time, but I appreciated them filling almost all seats in August). Wells is funny, and as with the sandwiches, a bit frustrated that he didn't get a chance to find us sooner (no Elk? because you didn't come a couple of months ago! Night and day from the sandwiches? except it's exactly the same Texas hill country goat...) and the only one to feel the responsibility for a broad audience - he looks at the distribution (of prices, dishes, playlist) and not a specific item or song he recognizes, and importantly for us, he makes sure vegan-ish Karen doesn't show up. I think the most significant deficiency in the review is the wine coverage. Do your homework and drink 2012 Cibonne at under 2x retail and don't complain you don't know the perfectly nice btg. 

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well, mrs. jones and i are going to be in new york next month for a very short trip and we are hoping to eat at foxface natural. i for one would be thrilled to be able to eat as much of the menu as possible, as once a year is the absolute maximum we could hope to eat there (i say that while aware that this will be my second trip to nyc this year).

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Congratulations should go without saying.

But here's the point I have been making in private for several weeks in anticipation of this review. I don't say Superiority Burger should have two stars; I don't even say Foxface should have four (although the food and wine deserve it). But having them both at three stars makes the star system look silly.  An outcome Wells may relish, of course.

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