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My only point was that I got some pushback when I said in the Eater thread that, contrary to an assertion in Eater, prawns aren't THAT easy to cook because you have to take a lot of care not to overcook them.  And that's just what this Michelin-starred restaurant did!

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While on the subject of hatchet jobs, I don't know if this has been noted upthread but the "alt text" description of the Foxface Natural pictures in the Eater "review" make interesting reading. Here are a choice few, with the official picture captions above them:

The shrimp heads at Foxface Natural.
Two red heads with gunk inside and antennae protruding.

The kangaroo tartare.
An amorphous red heap with a big cracker and black quenelle of eggplant.

Goat and eggplant entree.
Blobs of brown and purple with orange sauce flowing around.

You might put these down to the work of a grumpy alt-text generator, but a quick look suggests that this animus does not extend into other Eater reviews.

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Excellent and excessive NYE dinner. The highlight was a combo of fresh foie gras and smoked Maine eel with Concord grape and hazelnuts. Also the blood sauce surrounding a mighty and very rare piece of venison. I did like the cardamom-flavored tarte tatin but couldn't find much room for it.

The wine pairings were stellar, especially a Guy Breton beaujolais and a Bodegas Cota 45 (palomino with distinct notes of a good fino sherry).


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4 hours ago, rozrapp said:

Congrats, Orik, Sivan and Dave on Foxface being a James Beard semi-finalist for Best New Restaurant!

Thank you! 


1 hour ago, small h said:

Also, how dare you serve percebes when I'm having surgery tomorrow and cannot come in.

Surely you realize we're doing this on purpose! 

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